Letter written by William Donaldson from Mobele to his friend on May 16, 1865 -- Correspondence

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Letter written by William Donaldson from Mobile, Alabama, to Aden Miner of Greenwood, New York, on May 16, 1865: a machine readable transcription


MobileALA (Alabana) (Mobile, Alabama)

Mr. Aden Miner (Miner, Aden)
Greenwood  Stuben Co
New York (Greenwood, New York) Stueben County, New York

PAGE IMAGEUnited States Sanitary Commission (United States Sanitary Commission)
Mobele (Mobile) (Mobile, Alabama)   May 16 1865 Friend [Snsen?]

I take
mi (my) pen in mi (my) hand to
let you nou (know) that I am
well it is A very
warm day to day
we left the regment (regiment)
and moved into the Sity (city)
to do [pr---e?] duty
our Solders (soldiers) and the rib (reb)
solder (soldier)  fites (fights) like dogs
but the rib (reb)  solders (soldiers)
hav (have)  ben (been)  peroled (paroled) they
is A [dum? "dumb"? meun? "men"?] [set/let?]
[we/me?] get [y---?] of ["off"?] at last
I am going to send
you five dolars (dollars) now
the regment (regiment) time will
out in three months
then they will be
a mustered out

PAGE IMAGE of the serves (service) I
supose (suppose)  John clark (Clark, John) is
I will
haft (have)

Direct as be fore William Donaldson (Donaldson, William)
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