Letter written by William H. Beck from Memphis, Tennessee to Mr. E. F. Latta on October 14, 1864

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Letter written by William H. Beck from Memphis, Tennessee, on October 14, 1864 to Mr. E.F. Latta: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEMemphisTenn (Tennessee) (Memphis, Tennessee)

Oct the 14th 1864
Mr. E. F. Latta (Latta, E.F. (Mr.))

Sir. Yours of
the 3rd is at hand
and I hasten to answer
the same. Your letter found
me well as usual as is the
other boys of co K (Company K) and the
8th (8th Regiment) generally. You say I
did not date any other letter
well you will have to excuse
that neglect in me but is
the first letter I ever forgot
to date that I know of. I
guess I was not drunk for I
have pretty near quit the [---'s?]
well, Ed (Ed) , I am still driveing (driving)

PAGE IMAGE Mules and I have the prettiest
little team that walks the
streets of Memphis (Memphis, Tennessee) . I have a
little span of spotted leaders
you may have seen them they
were out at sedonia (Sedonia) when
we were there and down at
pittsburg landing (Pittsburgh Landing, Pennsylvania) every person
that sees them says they are
the prettiest team they ever
seen. Your letter was to (too) late
to find george (George) here he is at
home by this time raiseing (raising)
hell. well Ed (Ed) I could have
done better to have stayed
out a while and went in as
a substitute but that is not
my game. I would not go
[with?] a regt and be hred (hired) as
the substitutes are for no money [written in margins: a d..d pile either]
some of our boys in the regt
get 15.00 to come in but that
would never hire me for a target
PAGE IMAGE we get one hundred and 50
recruits for our regt but our co.
did not get any for it was the
largest company before they came
well Ed. (Ed) they are expecting old
[forest?] in here every day but
I guess he will have a happy
time of it well there is no news
particular to write at present
so I will close this scribling (scribbling)
I have not heard from [G?]
for some time my respects
to those I know if any there
be write soon and dont
forget to send it off this
time from Your old bedfellow

Wm H Beck (Beck, William H.) Mr. E F Latta (Latta, E.F. (Mr.))
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