Letter written by Seth Alden from Portsmouth Grove, Rhode Island to his sister on June 14, 1863

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Letter written by Seth H. Alden from Portsmouth Grove, Rhode Island, on June 14, 1863 to his sister: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEPortsmouth GroveR.I (Rhode Island) (Portsmouth Grove, Rhode Island)
june 14th 1863
Dear Sister

I reseaved (received) your very walcom (welcome) letter in do (due) time and was
glad to have so good a letter I have not had meny (many) for a
Fortnight past I got one from Suzania last night and
made one by three that I got last week and the week
before I did not get but one the folks was all as well
as Common. Stewart (Stewart) had got home they thought that
he was going to stay to home a fortnight and perhaps longer
I shall not come home unless thare (there) is somthing (something)
new turns up I have not been away from home quite
a year yet and it would not be eny (any) satisfaction to you
[was? or?] to any (eny) one for me to come home and then have
to come rite (right) back again and it will not do eny (any) good
for you to wory (worry) about me getting my discharge for
I shant get it at presant (present) but may get it in time
I am quite laim (lame) yet but go now without a Cain (cane)
I dont know when I shall go way from here but
may go soon and may not go untill (until) the last of the
mounth (month), but I think most likely that we shall go soon
I suppose they will have to be examiend (examined) again but I dont
know as they will have to be hear (here), thare (there) is some that
never will be fit for eny (any) thing for that buisness (business) but
they are enlisting Crippils (cripples) all around but think they

PAGE IMAGE wont get a grate (great)  meny (many) if they was all like me they
would not for if I could get out they be luckey (lucky) if
they got holt (hold) of me again unliss (unless) they drafted me
exsperiance (experience) is a good teacher and one has to pay preaty (pretty)
dear for his leaning (learning) some times Sunday afternoon
I have been to meeting this fournoon (forenoon) and have just been
back long enough to eat my dinner it has cleard (cleared) off
very plesant (pleasant) this after noon and I am glad to see the
sun once more we have had very unplesant (unpleasant)  wether (weather)
for a week past and it seams (seems) good to go out and see the
flaurs (flowers) lifting up there (their) heads and shakeing (shaking) off the drops
dew from there (their)  tinney (tiney) leaves thare (there) is some prety (pretty)  plases (places)
hear (here) we can not get out into the grove for the Gards (guards)
are on this sidde (side) of it thare (there) is not mutch (much) of a grove hear (here)
enay (any) way but there is some and it look quite prety (pretty) now
it has got leaved out the Graveyard is out by the Grove
thare (there) is not a day but what what we can look out upon
the bay and see more or less sailes (sails) I can look out now
and count over twenty but we but we hant (haven't) our own master
we cant go and come when we please if we could we
should be more contented we have to (too)  meny (many) masters, and
if a man was in purfect (perfect) health it would mak (make) still grater (greater)
diferance (difference) but the stoutist (stoutest) mand cannot stand every thing
he will have his pashunts (patience)  tryed (tried) every few days
I think that Mr Bishey (Bishey (Mr.)) is quite Romantic in his
Chois (choice) of a wife perhaps that that is all he had her
for he is a man that likes to show off and he and he
took the appertunity (opportunity) to make him self known; of Cours
sutch (such) a thing dont hapen (happen) every day in this Presant (present)
PAGE IMAGE Rebellion and it is worth takeing (taking)  noteic (notice) of Peapal (people) in generl (general)
will take mutch (much)  eny (any) thing so romantic as that as a general
thing People take more notic (notice)  marriges (marriages) and burths (births) then they
do of deaths and so it is the wourled (world) around after a man
is dead he is soon forgaten (forgotten) but I must recerlect (recollect) that
one man has not eny (any)  rite (right) to judge a nother every man
is his one (own) judge in this wourled (world) perhaps I am judgeing (judging)
Mr Bishey (Bishey (Mr.)) wrong but I was onely (only) speaking of what
mint (might) be; in most every litter (letter) that I get thare (there) is an
account of some ones death thare (there) was several in the last
letter that I got Blancherd Ramsdel (Ramsdel, Blancherd) for one and
Clary Bradford (Bradford, Clary) for a nother it is a it is a Clouding up again
and gess (guess) we shal (shall) have some moor (more) rain it seams (seems) a
littel (little) lonesome in sutch (such) poor wether (weather) but I have a plenty
to take up my mind I am in the algebra Class now
and like it first rate I used to think that I should
not like it and thought that I could not ever under
stand it but I got mistakened we have got most
through the Armithmetic I dont exspect (expect) to have as
good a chance to study as I have had but I will
try and get along as well as I can. we got paid
off last week I got three months pay it was not
so mutch (much) as I exspected (expected) by a month or more
I shal (shall) send some home soon shall be glad
to when it is to home all swift for then it will
be all saft (safe) we can by (buy)  appels (apples)  hear (here) yet prety (pretty) good
ones two (too) I have not mutch (much) more that I can
think of to write now I forget to write some
things I cant think of then then when I want two (to)

yours from your Brother Seth (Alden, Seth H.)
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