Letter written by J. B. R. from Yorktown, Virginia to his brother on May 27, 1862

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Letter written by J. B. R. from Yorktown, Virginia to his brother on May 27, 1862: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEYorktownVa (Virginia)  May 27th 62Dear Brother

I take my pen to let you
know where I am and how I am &c
I am now at yorktown in the
hospitle (hospital) & for the first time
since I have been in the service
But I shall soon join the company
again for now I am about well
On last wensdayWednesday we had a pretty
hard days march through the hot
sun & dust &c I wasnt very well & it
took hold of me & that night
I got some cold & it settled in my
side so all those that could not
cary (carry) their knapsacks were put on the
boats & caryed (carried) off to some place
or other I was brought hear (here) from
about two miles this side of the
white house or whare (where) the west point
railroad crosses the river
When I come away the rest of the
boys were all well &c are bound for

PAGE IMAGE to be in richmond in the shortest
time possible
There dont seem to be anything
to write about here of importance
now The nigars (niggers) keep omming (ccoming) in
here from all round both old & young
filling up to the barracks & tents
that the rebels left what few
old houses there is & them must
have been built before the flood
are filled with the sick soldiers
& the nigars (niggers) are set too (to) cleaning
up round through the fort
Thare (There) is one battery here & one Reg
of infantry left to gard (guard) this
place every thing remains about
the same now as when we first
come here. I dont think of nothing
now to write now
You kneed (need) not answer this now
for I dont know whare (where) I shall
be in a seek from now I probably
shall write again soon so I will
close now

From your Brother J B R
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