Letter written by Henry W. Fielding from Camp Stoneman, Maryland to his sister and brother on March 23, 1864

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Letter written by Henry W. Fielding from Camp Stoneman, Maryland, on March 23, 1864, to his sister, Mrs. Roselia H. Taylor, and brother, Stephen Feilding, of Russia Corners, New York: a machine readable transcription


WASHINGTOND. C. (District of Columbia) (Washington, District of Columbia)
MAR 23? 64

Mrs.. Roselia.. H.. Taylor (Taylor, Roselia H. (Mrs.)) .
Russia.. Corners.
Herkimer.. Co.  N.Y. (New York) (Russia Corners, New York) (Herkimer County, New York)

PAGE IMAGECamp Stoneman 
Maryland (Camp Stoneman, Maryland)
March 23th / 64 Dear Sister (Taylor, Roselia H. (Mrs.)) & Brother,

It has been some time since
I have heard from you
over a month either from
you or Stephen (Fielding, Stephen) . I have written
you twice since & I
would oftner (oftener) if I had time to
I have been verry (very)buisey (busy) lately
in taking charge of men
for this Brigade detachment
they left this morning for
the front there were 37 of them
33 for the 8th NY (8th Regiment, New Yorkmostley (mostly) recruits
they are coming & going all of
the time, there is only two left
in the regiment here now
it seems rather lonesome

PAGE IMAGE but we no need to, for we can
see any amount of men if we
would take the pains to go where
they are encampt (encamped). the 22nd (22nd Regiment, New York Cavalry)  24th (24th Regiment, New York Cavalry)
N.Y. Cavalry the 1st (1st Regiment, New York Mounted Rifles) & 2nd N.Y. (2nd Regiment, New York Mounted Rifles)
mounted rifles, the 1st N.Y. Draggoons (Dragoons) (1st Regiment, New York Dragoons).
besides other regiments
& different detachments.
are all encampt (encamped) in this
Camp. we have moved
our Camp lately we have
a very nice camp now the
streets are all set out with
cedars & are up on a hill where
we can see for miles around
see Washington (Washington, District of Columbia) Georgetown (Georgetown, District of Columbia)
& Alexandria (Alexandria, Virginia) the different
kind of boats going up & down
the Potomac (Potomac River) . I hear that the
Regiment have all gone home
that have reenlisted.
PAGE IMAGEI am pretty much all
aright again. my arm is nearly
well, my knee is rather stiff
& very weak I expected to have
to go to the front there was
some went that was worse
off than I be. if I should
go before it becomes warm
weather I think it would be
bad for me to lay out on the
cold ground. we have had quite
a little winter now lately the
snow fell tuesday night nearly
one foot. it has been warm
to day so that it has melted
nearly all of the snow
I believe I have written you
all particulars so I will draw
this to a close. I hope you will
write soon. Respects to you &
all Remember me to
Palmer (Palmer)

Yours Effectionate (affectionate) Brother Henry (Fielding, Henry W.)



Direct to the 1st Cavalry
Brigade 1st Division (1st Regiment, Cavalry, 1st Division)
Camp Stoneman 
Maryland (Camp Stoneman, Maryland)
Henry (Fielding, Henry W.)

much respected friend I have long thought
of writing you but have excuse my self on the
ground of not haveing (having)  receaved (received)  eny (any) word from
you since you left your home for the seat of war but to any joy
I receaved (received) a paper an their in (therein) a Photograph of one
that I remembered with respect love and one
that I often think of with the kinds of
fealin (feeling) yes Freind (friend) Able I foten think of you
and think you enlisted out of true [patio--sm? "patriotism"?]
for you have sacrifise (sacrifice) much in leaving your
home and so meny (many) very meny (many) loved freinds (friends)
and I hear no complaint
or murmering
but you have proved your self an Soldeir (soldier)
and I would say be of cheer for the time draws
near when we shall and very meny (many) others look
with anxious eyes for your return to old, [Russia?]
wich (which) has not change very much since you left
[??] some have bade adue (adieu) to freinds (friends), and kindred
and are numbered with those that were.
and others have left the ranks of singleness
for the State of Malromania


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