Letter written by George W. Pearl, private in the 117th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company C and F, to his father and mother of Clinton, New York, from City Landing, Virginia, May 7, 1864

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Letter written by George W. Pearl, private in the 117th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company C and F, from City Landing, Virginia, on May 7, 1864, to his parents, George A. and Marcia C. Pearl, of Clinton, New York: a machine readable transcription


OLD POINT COMFORTVA (Virginia) (Old Point Comfort, Virginia)
MAY 15 [no year]

[written in margins: May 7/64]

Mr. George. A. Pearl (Pearl, George A.)
Oneida, Co.
N. York (New York) (Clinton, New York) (Oneida County, New York)

PAGE IMAGE [written in margins: From your son Geo W. Pearl (Pearl, George W.)
I havnt (haven't) recd any mail
from you yet
Direct as I
last told you
my health is
much better
I must
go down
to the
Dock to
so good
bye your
G. W. P (Pearl, George W.) .]

City LandingV.A (Virginia) (City Landing, Virginia) . May 9th/64
Dear Father (Pearl, George A.) & Mother (Pearl, George A. (Mrs., Marcia C.)) (Pearl, Marcia C. (Mrs. George A. Pearl))

I persume (presume)
you are anxious to hear from me
again. I have recd no mail from
home yet. nor am I likely to yet a
while, as our Regt (117th Regiment, New York) are on toward
Richmond (Richmond, Virginia) . We left Gloucester Point (Gloucester Point, Virginia)
last Sunday morning for West Point (West Point, Virginia)
up the North  River (North River, Virginia) . We arrived there
about noon. We staid (stayed) there until
Wednesday night the Regt had orders
to pack up and start where for no
one knew they put us aboard Transports
started early Thursday morning
traveled all day up the James  River (James River, Virginia)
On waking up Friday morning
We found ourselves at Rocky Point (Rocky Point, Virginia)
half way between City & Turkey Point (Turkey Point, Virginia)
Here the Regt landed and started

on the march for Richmond (Richmond, Virginia)
They went through Petersburgh (Petersburg, Virginia)
about noon. I do not know where
the Regt is now. They left me
here on the Hospital boat because I was
not able to march I had the
diarrhea* quite bad & some fever. I have
been on the boat since Sunday night
I am much better now all that is
wanting is my usual strength and I will
gain that in a few days if nothing
happens. I want to get with the Regt
again. I dont like the idea of being
left behind. An army of about 50000
landed here the same time our Regt did
under command of Maj Gen Butler (Butler, Benjamin Franklin (Major General))
They have been having a brush with
the Johneys to day (today). The gunboats were
mostly engaged as we did not hear but little
musketry. I have not yet learned what it
amounted too (to). Sunday. May 8th/64
I am getting better as fast as
[written in margins: *Diarrhea
I dont know whether that word is spelled right or not as
I have not seen a spelling book in a long time if isnt let me know]
possible. I understood that the
fireing (firing) we heard yesterday
ammounted (amounted) to resulted in one of our Gunboats
being burnt and our men
taking the Battery that set her
a fire (afire). There is no other news of
importance here to day (today). I have not
heard any fireing (firing) / it may be,
because the Army are so far
advanced as to be out of hearing
Orders have just come for this
boat to go to Harrisons Landing (Harrison's Landing, Charles City County, Virginia)
after a load of Cavalry
The trees here are all leaved out
And there fields of as fine a looking
winter wheat as you would wish
to see. Monday 9th/64

Nothing of
importance from our Army to day (today).
Only that our Brigade is
in the advance and expect to
see some fun before night. I see
in the N. York Herrald of May 6th

an account of our getting three
Rebel picket deserters. They were
not exactly deserters but Reffugees (refugees)
Tuesday May 10th
No news of importance to day (today)
It is very dull here aboard the
boat. All we have to eat is hard-tack
tea & coffee. I have wished a
dozen times to day (today) that I was with
the Regt. Quarter past seven P.M.
We are still at City Point (City Point, Virginia) . There
is heavy fireing (firing) off to the South East
of here And a large fire East. The
boat crew say it in the direction of
Richmond (Richmond, Virginia) . and the signal lights
are flying profusely Friday 13th/64
I am now at a Distribution camp
for soldiers that were left on boats
sick and have got better. They sent us
off the boat night before last. And keep
us here to unload Gov [Stores] off the boats
at the dock. It commenced raining the
night we came here and has rained ever
since. There is very favorable news from
Grant (Grant, Ulysses S. (General)) s Army Our Brigade were ordered
to the front yesterday morning dont
know whether they have been in an
engagement yet or not No more at
present write soon love to all

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