Letter written by Edward Riggs from Glenn Falls, New York to Hon. H. R. King on December 29, 1864

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Letter written by Edward Riggs from Glenn Falls, New York to Hon. H. R. King on December 29, 1864: a machine readable transcription

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Astor House
New York

New York (New York) , Dec. 29 1864
Hon. H. R. KingKing, H.R. (Honorable)
Glens FallsN.Y. (New York) (Glens Falls, New York) Dear Sir

I have just
sent you a telegram but have
time to write by afternoon's mails
to give you the particulars.
have been this morning to Gen'l
Peck (Peck, John James (General)) [Cam'd's?] Officer here - also
to Gen'l Hayles (Hayes, Joseph? (General)) Prov. Marshal -
also to the Assist. Quarter Master
having charge of Water Transportation
and as a [can chi---?] [after?]
all the information I can
obtain from the several
sources I think it best to go on
to Washington (Washington, District of Columbia) tonight & obtain
passes directly from the War

PAGE IMAGE Department also if possible a
special order modifying Gen'l
orders [No?] 227 issued last Summer
( Sheriff [Braron?][Braron?] (Sheriff) has a copy of it) so
as to allow Georgia (Georgia) or at least
the City of Savannah (Savannah, Georgia) to be included
in the District Specified in said
Orders as South Carolina (South Carolina) &
Florida (Florida) so that my papers
obtained yesterday from the
Governor will [cover?] that
city - or if that is not
done to obtain an order
allowing recruits obtained
in Savannah (Savannah, Georgia) to be mustered
in & [credited?] in that city. If
the latter [course?] is accepted
it May be necessary for the
Sheriff when he comes to stop at
Albany (Albany, New York) & get his papers changed
so as to give him Savannah (Savannah, Georgia)
I will telegraph you from
Washington (Washington, District of Columbia) if that is necessary
& a [note?] from you by hand
PAGE IMAGE of the Sheriff to the Governor will
I am sure obtain such
papers for him - I have his
papers & will not file them
[-rtly?] to the Prov. Mar. Gen'l. at
WashingtonWashington, District of Columbia till I can [communicate?]
with you so that he can say
that those papers will not [??]
and you know perhaps that
the Gov. will not under any
circumstance give two Districts
to the same agent

As it Stands you will
see by looking in any of the N.Y. (New York) (New York)
papers that the Steamer "Melville"
is [allo--tized?] under [head?] of "shipping"
to sail to Hilton Head (Hilton Head, South Carolina) on Wed. 4th prox. - I have been to the Agents
Mssrs Whitney (Whitney (Mr.)) & Hathaway (Hathaway (Mr.)) 5-2 South
St. - they say they hope to get
pirmission (permission) for this Steamer to go on
to Savannah (Savannah, Georgia) - that their [??] has
the [??] of the first [permit] to
go to that part - It is only 30 Miles

PAGE IMAGE from Hildon Hd. (Hilton Head) (Hilton Head, South Carolina) to Savannah (Savannah, Georgia) -
& Quarter Master's boats they say
are all the while running from
there to Savannah (Savannah, Georgia) -

I have also seen the asst. Q. M.
having charge of Water Transportation
He says the next Gov. Steamer
from here on Monday that
my papers would allow me also
if they had room. that there is
[par---ly?] no room for me any
way on this next one & probably
will be none on the one to follow
stays afterwards - that I could
not [take?] an assistant without
a special order from [??] of War
- so I oculd not have the sheriff
so on that at any rate & it seems
on all accounts that to [--pond?] on
the private Steamer - the Gov. Steamer
too only goes to Hilton Hd. (Hilton Head) (Hilton Head, South Carolina) though
the men & [st--s?] who scrub it are from
Sherman (Sherman, William Tecumseh (General)) 's army (Sherman's Army) at Savannah (Savannah, Georgia) -
I have written to you as [??]
my instructions from you [??] I
left - If you have any orders for me
send by telegraph to Willard (Willard) s in Washington (Washington, District of Columbia)

In haste very Respectfully yours Edwd Riggs (Riggs, Edward)
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