Letter from Morris Brown, Jr., 126th New York Infantry, to his brother [Smith Brown], June 20, 1864

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June 20th

My dear brother

Sent a bully good letter from McDougall to Gov. Seymour to father to day &
hope it may do some good, but cant tell. An order has just been recd
stating that our corps would be relieved to night by the 6th & 9th & we
would go back in reserve.

I have heard that we were going back to reorganize--that is the Corps.
Certainly it is necessary for you never will believe how badly we have been
cut up. The loss of this many will never be known only by a few. 75,000 I
believe wont cover it.

Grant cant take Richmond. He may in some way compell them to evacuate the
city but as for capturing it with Lee's army there is all nonsense.

We can & have whipped the rebs in every open fight but when they get behind
their breastworks then we must keep away.

Good bye


Do not get mustered yet & resign if you have to come here.