Letter from Smith Brown to his parents, Gettysburgh, Pennsylvania, July 4, 1863

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[Smith Brown]


July 4th 1863

9 a.m

My Dear Parents.

Had a terrible battle 126th annihilated Little over 100 left. (76)? Sixteen
officers shot Col [Eliakim] Sherrill killed. Capt [Isaac] Shimer do [ditto]
Capt [Charles] Wheeler do Capt [Orin J.] Herndorn [Herendeen] wounded &
prisoner*. Lt [Meletiah] Lawrence shot in leg. Not dangerously Capt [John]
Brough shot " " [not dangerously], Lt's [Jacob] Sherman, S[ydney]. E.
Brown. G[eorge] Sherman. &c shot None dead [brother] Morris & [Samuel]
Wilson all right Forshay [Sgt. Charles Forshey] ran away. Col Willard
killed Col McDougall shot. [Col James] Bull commands brigade Brigade
reduced from 2000 to 500. Col. Sherril shot in grand charge of rebels.
Morris is a hero. Captured a rebel flag. He charged the rebel line with 10
men & captured it. Our regiment captured 5 flags. We went in with 375 men &
27 officers. We have been fighting now continuously for 60 hours. are
losing rest of our men very fast. I just came out to carry Co Sh body to
the rear. Morris flag had inscribed on it "Shepardstown," "Malvern Hill"
"Manassas Junction" "Sharpsburgh" "Harpers Ferry" "Mechanicsville"
"Hanover" "Ox Hill" "Cold Harbor" "Frazers Farm" "Manassas" "Cedar Run" It
belonged to 14th N.C 

Rebels laid down their arms & came in and no one to make them. This is 4th
day of battle. Send me New York papers from June 25th every day. Have not
seen a paper since June 25. *We had no food for 50 hours* No mail. We are
beating the Enemy I will write Cleveland [Penn Yan paper editor] a detailed
acct. Am writing on a pint cup do not know how I can send this. no battle
going on now. I will be renewed soon. Wonder if you have sent my horse? If
so, where he is [sic] Some stragglers may come in. In haste


[On the edge of the paper] Can you not Pa get me a Colonelcy now.

*Herendeen was killed.