Letter from Colonel Clinton Dugald MacDougall to Dr. Fletcher M. Hammond, from Near Petersburg, Virginia, July 11, 1864

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Head Qrs Near Petersburg, July 11/64

Dear Dr. [Hammond]

I am in receipt of your letter of July 5 & July 11 and in reply would say I
should have answered you __ sooner had it not been that I have been sick
abed for a few days past.

The only answers I can give to the questions asked by the father of the
lamented Capt Brown are these. I saw him fall myself. The bullet entrered
just back of and along the right ear coming out near the forehead. He died
instantly as we were in full retreat being entirely exposed? and under a
very heavy fire. I had no time to stop to attend him. I had the Brigade in
my hands and you may well imagine I had all I could attend to Genl Barlow
himself went into the woods with us and put us in position. The stories
written home about his body being stripped by the rebels I think are all
false. Upon enquiry I find the men referred to are both at Corps Head
Quarters on Provost Guard and of course have no means of knowing anything
about it except from hearsay. I have been out twice myself and so has Capt
Platt with a detail of men to try and get the body. I find our pickets are
not as far out into half a mile as where he fell.

And none of our men could have seen him after we felll back out of the
woods that day. The enemies picket lines run along about where he fell, and
I am confident they have buried him. Should our lines advance so that his
grave can be marked if I am spared I will see to it and so will Capt Platt.
The Capt was a [sic] very brave and none did their duty better. I recd the
article you sent me for which you have my thanks. they were very _____ ____
Mr. Browns letters. I have been down with ___ a few days & have been ___. I
would be obliged to give up _____

Very Truly Yours

C. D. MacDougall

Capt Brown was killed 

on the 22d when Wilcox Division 

of Hills Corps overpowered Barlows