Letter written by Alanzo Finch from Ossibaw Sound to his brother and sister on February 12, 1863

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Letter written by Alanzo D. Finch from Ossabaw Sound, Georgia to his brother and sister on February 12, 1863: a machine readable transcription


MANASSASVA (Virginia) (Manassas, Virginia)

Mr H. H Poppino Esq. (Poppino, Henry H. (Esquire))
Schuyler Co
NY (New York) (Mecklenburg, New York) (Schuyler County, New York)

PAGE IMAGE [written in margins: answer to this April 6 ? 7]

PAGE IMAGEU.S. Steamer Dawn
Osibaw (Ossabaw)  Sound (Ossabaw Sound, Sea Islands, Georgia)
Feb 12th / 63 Dear Brother & Sister

I have just read your welcome of
letter of 28th [delt?]; & to avoid Centure (censure) I will lose no time in
answering; I was happy to hear from you my Sister;
But the news from my Father (Finch (Mr.)) I ashure (assure) you I did not like
and sorry as I am to say; I dont think I will ever
forgive, I cant see the Shadow of an excuse for
his doing as he has done; He had no Small Children
to Cry after a mother, & baby Could he not pay proper
respect to that Dear Old Mother (Finch (Mrs.)) ; For the sake of his
Children if nothing more, thare (there) is a time for all
things I love the [scenes?] of my Childhood & I love to
be respected to (too) ; an accomplishment I have always
obtained through life; That has been my matter;
I have found it an easier matter to obtain respect
away from home where you are judged by
your own acttions (actions); Not those of your friends;
Sister I realy (really) think I have studdied (studied) this world more
than the most of mankind & I think I know how
to form a true estimate of it; can you blame
me Had Father (Finch (Mr.)) remained Single I was perfectly
willing to render him all the assistence (assistance) in my power
; as the Case Stands now he must look to his own
resources, for the present

PAGE IMAGE We are having lively times down here; Osibaw (Ossabaw)  SoundOssabaw Sound, Sea Islands, Georgia
has become a Conspicuous place it is now
Blockaded by three large Gunboats, and an Iron Clad
we have made two attacks on Fort McAlaster (McAllister) (Fort McAllister, Savannah, Georgia)
and been defeted (defeated); at least we had to withdraw
for the want of ammunition; the Bombardment
was kept up for six hours each time During
the first attack the Iron Clad was hit 18 times
on the 2nd 46 times, She Stood the fire beautifully
But owing to the obstructions in the River; that
was filed (filled) with spikes & Torpedoes the Iron Clad
was not able to approach so near the battery
as she wished She had her flags shut away
three Diferent (different) times; made Several holes
through her smokestack, broke the bolts in
the Pilot hous (house); Sustained no further injuruies
as the Iron Clad advanced Considerably in
in our lead; She drew nearly all [this?] fire --
they had but one gun in wich (which) annoyed us
to any extent this was 10 [inch? ---tes?] it
kept the shells bursting over us pretty
lively; It was all together a pretty lively scene
evry (every) time the Montauk fired her 15 inch Gun
shells weighing 7,60 lb you would See whole
[Clods? Clouds?] of earth rise up whare (where) ever it struck
almost eaquel (equal) the the bursting of a Volcano
the Smalest (smallest) guns we used was 100 lb Rifles
since our last attack we have been
buising (busying) ourself with our daily return
PAGE IMAGE as usual & waiting for orders from the admiral
we have a dispatch boat running between here
and Port Royal (Port Royal, South Carolina) regular to day thare (there) has been
an army Boat with a Couple of Engineers on
board up from Port Royal (Port Royal, South Carolina) Surveying a place for
the landing of troops; thare (there) is a plenty of work
to be done here in the next five months & I live
in hopes to see our effects crowned with Success
If God Spares my life through th (the) [forgering?] [-ines?]
I think I shall then come home I think I Can
safely say by the first of May; you may look for
me, Sister you made a Slight mistake in
regard to my birth day, It was the 14th instead of
the 16th, as you have alluded to my birth day
I have one little question for particular
[reason?] I wish to ask; Could you tell me what
hour in the day I was born in, State the
exact time if you can; I will explain
my reason some further time; I have read
a letter from Sister Clarry (Clarry (Sister)) wherein she
was not asheured (assured) to inform me; in regard
to their circumstances & I have not forgot
them, nor any of the rest of my Sisters
although it seems that Some of them has
forgot me; I know the price of paper has
raised; but if they will admit for [cruel? ---ment?]
this for an excuse I will eradicate this
obsticle (obstacle) by dropping a note to J. A. (J.A.) letting
him to furnish few [Jush?] Paper when
PAGE IMAGE ever my Sister feels like writing to me
Hearing of so many deaths around you I
begin to feel almost as [secure?] here as I would
be at home; I never enjoyed better health
I Could not have easier times all night
in verry (very) little to do through the day; That is
the way all over the world the more pay as man
gets the less he has to do, If I want any thing
done now all I have to do is to tell some one
to go and do it; whare (where) once I had to go my self
I have had many inducements offered to me
to apply for Stile (style) Something higher; but I am
verey (very) well Satisfied with what I have got
to remain in the Navy after this trouble
is over I will not Let every young man
devote as much of his life in the service of his
Country thare (there) would be no end of Drafting
You Can tell Henry (Henry) I am not blesed (blessed) with any
Comforts of Jobs you tell about a great
many others I could mention tell him not
to forget to Save me a Jug full of that good Sider (cider)
for I have a long road to to travel and I shall
be thursty (thirsty) by the time I get there
give my love to Brothers & Sisters & Aunts & Uncles
Girls & Boys.. Old & [young?] & everybody in
General Fare the well

Your True and loving Brother Alonzo D Finch (Finch, Alonzo D.)

address as usual

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