Letter written by Joseph Little from Camp Mount Gauley to his mother on February 12, [no year]

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Letter written by Joseph Little from Camp Mount Gauley, West Virginia, on February 12, 186?, to his mother: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGE The Constitution Camp Mount Gauley (Mount Gauley, Gauley, West Virginia) (Fayette County, West Virginia)
febuary February 12 Dear Mother (Little (Mrs.))

the last letter I received
from home I was from Col
Adams? (Adams? (Colonel)) I received one before that
from captain Wallace (Wallace (Captain)) so I will
answer them now. I have not
much to tell you except it is knee
deep in mud hear (here). we cant step
out of the tent but what we go
[overy?] our shoes in mud. it rains
once every day and twice every night
it dose (does) nothing but rain, rain, rain,
out heare (here) in this damed (damned) country
but every thing will come to a end
and so will this war when this
war is over I am going to come
right home and pitch in to work
and make the garden tell I will
work only at too (two) things that is
farming our garding [gardening? guarding?] one or the other
a [crucky?] dont I wish I was at

PAGE IMAGE home now to help you to work in the
garden but I cant come home yet I
woud (would) like to get a furlough for
a copple (couple) of weeks but their (there) is so many
gets sick that their (there) is now (no) chance
for me their (there) is at least 20 boys
applied to the captain for furlougs (furloughs)
if I had the sholders (shoulders) straps on me
their (there)  woud (would) be no troble (trouble) in getting
a furlough Joe osborn (Osborn, Joseph) brought a
lot of books with him when he
came back and they took all my
time to read them George Ray (Ray, George)
had too (two) cans of peaches sent to
him of corse (course) I had to help him
to eat them, and we bought too (two)
cans of oysters the other day and
maid (made) a big camp kettle full of
soup then we went out and
killed a secesh and fried him
but he was rather tough eating
PAGE IMAGEtheir (there) is some sickness heare (here) but all
of our company is well at preasent (present)
I have been half sick my self I have
the diarrear (diarrhea) and cold in my bowells (bowels)
but that is nothing when you get
used to it. their (there) is a few cases of
the measels (measles)  heare (here). we are going to
shoot at a target to day for
to find out wich (which) company has got
the best mark man it is
reported around camp that we are
going to leave heare (here) in a few days
for kentuckey (Kentucky) (Kentucky) but I dont know
wether (whether) it is true or not. the 8 regiment (8th Regiment)
has orders to go to kentuckey (Kentucky) (Kentucky)
to day they are camped on the
other side of gauley  River (Gauley River, West Virginia) 2 miles
from heare (here) I think we will leave
for some other plaice (place) soon for we aint
doing any good heare (here) as I know
of except to hold the salt work
around heare (here)
PAGE IMAGE no more at preasent (present) so
fair well

Joseph Little (Little, Joseph)
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