Letter written by A. Hinds to her son Franklin on February 8, 1865 -- Correspondence

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Letter written by A. Hinds to her son Franklin on February 8, 1865: a machine readable transcription

My Dear Franklin (Franklin) As Mary (Mary) has written some & Oscar (Oscar) some
I have tried to get your father to write some but he says we
have written all the news & there is nothing left for him to
write so you will have to excuse hin (him) again as usual.
Last evening we went & spent the evening at Mr Asa Otis (Otis, Asa) '
had a very pleasant visit some two months ago
their son Enos (Enos) with his wife & two children came home
from the South he had been a conscript for some time & was
taken prisoner by our men with his consent & they allowed
him to take his family & then they gave them a free passage
home Mr Otis (Otis, Asa) ' folks were overjoyed to see them for they had
about given him up as lost. Oh I must tell you of one thing
that I have got new that may ["Mary"?] did not know of for I did
not show them to her, now what do you think it is
well I will tell you it is a dozen "lovely napkins" they
are damask like my white table cloths they cost 3.25
now what do you think of my extravagance! It seems
that [Jaey?] ([Jaey?]) had left her place at Napa was in San Francisco
& Bishop Sheldon (Sheldon, Bishop) telegraphed for her to have her
folks send money for her to come home so they paid the
money to Mark Sheldon (Sheldon, Mark) & he telegraphed to Bishop (Sheldon, Bishop) to
purchace (purchase) her a ticket so they expect she started on
the 3d of Feb. that makes 900 dollars that she has made
use of in a little over 5 months I think that is living pretty fast
Tell Kat (Kat) , that I shall celebrate her birthday for it is the anniversary
of our wedding it is also the day appointed for the
draft to take place a very important day I think. The town
has offered 600 dollars bounty for volunteers Jermone (Jermone) is trying
to hire a substitute. We have not seen any of Mr Thomson (Thomson (Mr.)) s folks
since we were there five weeks ago. The last letter from you was
dated Dec 4 & we received it Jan 21 though I hope we shall get one
tomorrow when we mail this, now my dear boy take good care of
your health & be cautious in all your movements & receive this

from your loving mother
Frank A Hinds (Hinds, Frank A.) A M Hinds (Hinds, A.M.)

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