Letter written by Ada from Honesdale, Maryland [PA?] to Mary on April 6, 1864

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Letter written by Ada from Honesdale, Maryland [PA?] to Mary on April 6, 1864: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGE [written in margins: Adas (Ada) s poor health]

Honesdale, Md. (Maryland) (Honesdale, Pennsylvania)
April 6th 1864
My dearest Mary,

Your precious letter has just
arrived & so I am more in the spirit
of carrying out the plan I had
formed before, of commencing a
letter to you tonight.

Oh! Mary (Mary) , I am thankful with you
Would that I could write of three
dear ones, born again in our circle.
I had been thinking so much
of them all (your three) in Connection
with Mr. H (H. (Mr.)) 's work & hoping
& praying they might find Jesus (Jesus Christ)
[Jennie?] ([Jennie?]) particularly, and I do
agree with Dr. Parkes (Parkes (Dr.)) . I've always
thought much of her [terity?]. was
forced, to cover a seriousness she
did not dare to let appear.

PAGE IMAGE What a great pillar of strength
it will be to have such a working
spirit brought into [fer?] churches.
I think it would build dear Mr. Dunning (Dunning (Mr.))
up, to feel that there was
an earnestness of coworking with
him. I fear sometimes he will
be clear discouraged.

How much I w'd love to hear Mr. H. (H. (Mr.))
Indeed Molly (Molly) I think if I heard
any body, even make a prayer,
it would help me along.

I had just recd. the S.S. Times &
we particularly noticed that [Cav?]
wondered if E. C. (C., E.) did not write it.
You have been so good to write
me these three times since I faled
you. If you ever have a lack, & I
don't. I'll see that the bread comes
back. Indeed letters are my
only variety. I am proscribed
kintting, crotcheting (crocheting) or anything
useful or fanciful. Reading is

PAGE IMAGE almost proscribed from my
head being so utterly weak & [simply?]
much of the time I don't even
think. Some days I don't look
in my Bible & all I can remember
is "Let not your heart be troubled" &
a few other fragmentary sentences.
Writing is quite wearisome too & is
forbidden so far as it produces that
any time. I have to give the good
Dr. an occasional bulletin but
accomplish little else except as
I take several days for it.
So here you have my present state,
Too weak to walk straight, but only
that. I am quite well except
my back. That Dr Mayer (Mayer (Dr.)) assures
me is not diseased, but rather
worn not under high pressure
& some pride, I fear, not [over? me?] being
strong you know, but only needing time
& patience. Tedious, he says it
must be, but not hopeless.
PAGE IMAGE I am awaiting May, expecting the
strength then. This confinement is
of course weakening. its too muddy
to ride. I'm too shaky to walk, & so in
doors & sometimes in bed a week at a
time. I've had fine blisters. & am resting
now to get real strong before the next
three which I hope will draw out all
the sting in it. They are a benefit, but
such exquisite little tortures. I was heroic
at first. stood up by the glass & [super?]
intended the dressings. but at the
5th fainted & am not quite [wound?]
up yet. Tho as to nerves, the "8 [Rowlands?]"
w'd not "[teir?] one", I have none of that
style of nervousness. Simply, for a
while in the winter, when I didn't sleep,
a feeling as if every inch of every person
was alive with a different indescribably
restless pain. But that's gone now
& I am as bright as anyone in
my inclinations, tho limited in the
expression. Talk, laugh, eat & sleep,
& expect to ride on horseback & use
dumbbells to make me strong & muscular

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