Letter written by J. B. J. Bailey from North Carolina to his sister on April 28, 1864

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Letter written by J.B. Jam Bailey from North Carolina on April 28, 1864 to his sister: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGE North Carolina (North Carolina) April the 28 1864 Dear Sister

I take this opertunity (opportunity) to let you no (know) that I am
well haveing (having) a good time and so foarth (forth) I
rote (wrote) to you a short time ago but thought
I would write a few lines this morning
tis a long time since I have heard from you
we have moved from Eitty (Eitty) to this place
up in the edge of North Carolina (North Carolina) and we
have fine times here although I am Sorry
to Say that the Rebs have got two of
our men prisners (prisoners) two of the best men
of our Company they were Sergents (sergeants)
their names were Hoton (Hoton (Sergeant)) and
Vickory (Vickory (Sergeant)) you will find their names on
my [memoral?] they are vetrans (veterans) they
were two noble genrus (generous) and bold Soldiers
the way they were taken they went about
two miles from Camp for the pirpus (purpose)
of gitting (getting)  Sum (some) eggs they were unarmed
and the Cowardly deavles (devils) took them
they are on their way to Richmond (Richmond, Virginia) or
Sum (some) other deavles (devil's) den but we will
Soon set them free or go thare (there) our
Selves but enough sutch (such) we are doing
a good deal of scouting and we git (get)

PAGE IMAGE plenty of hens gees (geese) turkeys ducks
and hams pigs honey bed quills and
the deavle (devil)  onely (only)  noes (knows) what we are whar (where)
we can ketch plenty of fish and we live
tolible (tolerable) well for Soldiers and as for
health mine is never was better I
have had the measels (measles) but am
all the better for that I am fat and
lazy as the deavle (devil) dont no (know) what I
would do if I had to work but gess (guess)
when the war is over I shall have to
go to the poor house I cant think of
mutch (much) to write onely (only) I want all the
news and I think the Pinkneyites
are gitting (getting) a bove the Common leavle (level)
for I have rote (wrote) to Dennise (Dennise) s folks
and to Asa Tildale (Tildale, Asa) and have received
no answer but if they dont want to
write I do not want to discommade (disaccomodate) them
in the least would be sorry to do so
other ways would be pleased to hear
from them
give my love to all remembering
to keep your share write soon
tell alziny? (Alziny?) I have not forgoten (forgotten) her and would
be pleased to see her and little Sarah (Sarah) I
suppose she is picking poseys (posies) and haveing (having)
a fine time this spring

J B  Jam Bailey (Bailey, J.B.Jam)
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