Letter written by Hugh Campbell to his mother on 1862

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Letter written by Hugh Campbell from Old Point Comfort, Virginia, in 1862, to his mother, Catherine Campbell: a machine readable transcription


OLD POINT COMFORT VA (Virginia) (Old Point Comfort, Virginia)

Catherine Campbell (Campbell, Catherine)
in Care of Thomas Irwin (Irwin, Thomas)
7 C 2 Elevents St above
Catherine (Campbell, Catherine)
P A (Pennsylvania) (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Flag of the Free
1776 1862.

Where Liberty Dwells,
There is My Home.
Head-quarters California (California) Reg't. Co. I (Company I) [--ny?] the 17
Camp Observation (Camp Observation, near Poolesville, Maryland) 1862 My Dear Mother (Campbell, Catherine (Mrs.))

i receved (received) your kind and
welcom (welcome) letter on the 14
and i was glat (glad) to hear
that you wear (were) well but
i was sorey (sorry) to hear
that you did not
receve (receive) the money i have
went to the Captin (captain) and
he told me he would

PAGE IMAGE look in to it and see if he
could do aney (any) thing
for me i have got some
money and i will
ceep (keep) it to the 10 of March when i can get
up to adames town (Adamstown) (Adamstown, Maryland)
and get a order from
adames [exxpres? "express"?] co if
you can do till then
i will send you $30
for yourself i think
that i can get a furlow (furlough)
and get home to see
you i will try and
get it for you thers (there)
was about five of our
men lost money in
thear (their) letters i have bin (been)
sick for 8 days and
was very bad but i am
well now i had the
tooth ache and i went
PAGE IMAGE went Over to the docters
to get them pulled and
he brock (broke) my tooth in
about 20 pises (pieces) and
he splintered my gaw (jaw)
give my love to aunt
Margret (Margaret (Aunt)) and all the
rest of my friends
know more (moree) at preasent (present)
but remane (remain) your
affectionate son

Hugh Campbell (Campbell, Hugh)
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