Letter written by T. McMillan from English Settlement, Marion county, Iowa to his son on February 12, 1866

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Letter written by T. McMillan from English Settlement, Marion county, Iowa to his son on February 12, 1866: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGE Senate Chamber (Senate Chamber of the State of Iowa)

State of Iowa (Iowa) .

English Settlement
Marion Co.  Iowa (English Settlement, Marion County, Iowa) Feb 12th1866 My Dear Son

The Iowa General
Assembly accepted an invitation
from the Produce Exchange
to Dubuque (Dubuque, Iowa) , to meet them in
convention on the 14th inst. to
consider the best mode of
improving the uper (upper) and lower
rapids of the Missisippi (Mississippi)  River (Mississippi River)
The Assembly adjourned from
the 10th to the 19th inst. you
will think with me that this
was a very foolish break in a
Legislative Assembly to dissolve
their body and meet as private

PAGE IMAGE Citizens, One half if not two
thirds of the Members went home
like my self instead of visiting
Dubuque (Dubuque, Iowa) , I had a faint hope
of meeting you at English Settlement (English Settlement, Marion County, Iowa)
when I left Des Moines (Des Moines, Iowa) ,
in my Journey home I met a
Soldier of the 47th Illinois (47th Regiment, Illinois) who
told me he left the 8th Iowa
V. Volunteer Infantry (8th Regiment, Iowa Infantry)
at Selma 
Alabama (Alabama) , where they would be
kept untill Spring at least
The report had got into the
[Nawkeye?] that the 8th Iowa
Infantry (8th Regiment, Iowa Infantry)
was to be in Iowa (Iowa) by
the the 6th inst. when I reached home
I [??] your letter of Jan 31st that the Illinois (Illinois) Soldier was
correct, so we were all doomed
to dissapointment (disappointment), hope your
time will come next, we feel
thankfull (thankful) for the general good
health of yourself and comrades
in that Southern Clime. Our
PAGE IMAGE Family and Friends are in usual
Health, I saw your Father and
Joseph (Joseph) at Church yesterday, they
were well although your Mother
and Joseph (Joseph) 's wife were ailing
a little, Mr Jacob's (Jacobs (Mr.)) sustains
himself well among his people
they appear even more attached
to him than ever. To morrow
their (there) is to be a donation party
at the Church, I hope the good
people will be liberal Mr Jacobs (Jacobs (Mr.))
is worthy of it. I intend to return
to Des Moines (Des Moines, Iowa) on the 16th inst. to
help finish up a large amount of
Legislation now ready for final
action. The several standing
Commitees have been hard to
work for the past five weeks
maturing Bills for their third
reading. Out of one hundred and
forty eight members, their (there) is just
twenty one Copperheads, We have
already passed several very strong
PAGE IMAGE resolutions. On the day before
we adjourned a resolution was
oppened (opened) instructing our Senators
and Representitives (Representatives) in Congress to
use their influence to prevent
the Southern Members from taking
their Seats untill the right of
Suffrage shall be given to the
Citizens of said States without
regard to color. I fear trouble
and bloodshed in Dixie (Dixie) be fore
these rights are gauranteed (guaranteed) to
the poor of the land. I sent you
Gov. Stone (Stone (Governor)) 's Inaugural it is
truly eloquent, and sound to
the core on the right of suffrage
I also mailed you several papers
and will continue to do so, while
the Session lasts, The winter has been
mild for this climate, To day Mother
Earth is covered with Snow, but the
great orb of day is now too high in the
heavens for snow to last long. Sarah (Sarah) and
mother write in love to you

T. McMillan (McMillan, T.)
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