Letter written by Albert McK[unclear]t from New York City to his friend Jerome on October 8

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Letter written by Albert McK[unclear]t from New York City to his friend Jerome on October 8, [no year]: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGENew York City (New York, New York) Oct 8th
Dear friend, Jerome (Jerome)

Dont call me
a bar room [barner?] because
I write this in a bar
room. well I arived (arrived) in N.Y (New York) (New York, New York)
all right safe and sound and
I am now enjoying my self in
a grand style I have had the
gayest time you could immagine (imagine)
since I have [??] here I am
not a soldier yet I think I will
go back to syracuse (Syracuse, New York) and join
the fifteenth Cavalry (15th Cavalry) how do you
like diging (digging) potatoes I prefer
walking broadway with a pretty
girl all the city girls fall in love
with me at the first sight I
have been in lots of company since
I have been here I [??] very often
get a chance to go home with
a pretty nice virtuous girl and
of course I never hug or kiss
any. I go visiting schools every
other day I will send you a ticket

PAGE IMAGE that the principal of the 79th St
school gave me for punctual
attendance good behavior and
so forth.

Jerome (Jerome) I forgot to bid you
farewell when I came away &
really forgot it I was so confused
about that damed (damned) old hat
I did not no (know) what I was
doing you must try and
excuse that has that old
hat of mine been found yet
I guess the old folks thought
I hid it a [J?] suppose to get a
new one but I did not I suppose
Jim had a great time [Bat? "at"?]
Syracuse (Syracuse, New York) the sixth of October
tell me how he made out give
him my kindest regards and
tell him I will write to him
as soon as possible have you
heard or seen anything of the
Miss Hunter (Hunters (Miss)) s since I left
tell them to go to hell for
me if you have a mind to
Jerome (Jerome) give me all the news
when you write tell me how
M Pabeacks ball come out

PAGE IMAGE If you see [??] [Shefhins?]
give him my respects and
all the rest of the boys that
enquire Mary [Givenrey?] ([Givenrey?], Mary) sends her
love to you and when you write
direct to 122 Green St Albany
NY (New York) (Albany, New York) in care of John Stuart (Stuart, John)
write immediately and I will
be in Albany (Albany, New York) when
your letter comes Give my
regards to all the folks and your
self included I will close hopeing (hoping)
to hear from you soon I
am ever your friend

Albert M [Kinitt?] ([Kinitt?], Albert M.)

Give this note to the
old lady

Dont show this to our folks
if you please

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