Letter written by [unknown] from Falmouth, Virginia to J. R. Barger on May 20, 1863

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Letter written by a solder from Falmouth, Virginia on May 20, 1863 to John R. Barger: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGECamp Near FalmouthVA (Virginia) (Falmouth, Virginia)
Wednesday May 20th 1863 J. R. Barger (Barger, John R.)

My old friend You probely (probably) think
I have forgoten (forgotten) You but I would of
Writen (written) long befor (before) this but I cant get
things in this camp as we could in
our old one but now as to the nuse (news)
My Helth (health) is good hoping these few
lines will find You all in good Helth (health)
John (John) I sea (see) that the nuse (news) has been up
their (there) that Richmond (Richmond, Virginia) was taken but
we are no rear than we was six months
ago only about 15,000 men less than
we had six months ago so You can sea (see)
how our Army is going I dont think
if their (there) is another movement made as
the last one was that the Army of the
Potmack (Potomac) (Army of the Potomac) will ever be good for eny (any) thing
John (John) I sea (see) the papers are prassing (praising) up
Hooker (Hooker, Joseph (General)) very much as in his good sucksess (success)

PAGE IMAGE in the last movement and that the
Army was as willing to move now as
they were three months ago but all
them that beleave (believe) it let them come down
and sea (see) the feelings of the army
and then he can tell John (John) I supose (suppose) that
the majority of the people are down
on McClellan (McClellan, George Brinton (General)) that is up their (there) but it
makes no diference (difference) with the Army of the
Potmack (Potomac) (Army of the Potomac) if the hole (whole) north were down on
him as long as they stay up their (there)
they will think so but what is the
reason that they dont let little mack (McClellan, George Brinton (General))
resine (resign) his command but no they say
that he will soon be needed again
and not untill he is in Comand (command) of
the Army of the Potmack (Potomac) (Army of the Potomac) will they
ever fight with a will that they did once
he is the man that orgnised (organized) the army
and he is the man we look to as being
worthy of Comanding (commanding) this army John (John) if
you havent eny (any) confidence in a man
PAGE IMAGE why you wouldent trust him with
mony (money) and still lese (less) with your life
not that we think our generals are traitors
but we dont think they are smart enuf (enough)
McClellan (McClellan, George Brinton (General)) was slow but much shurer (surer)
and if he had to fight against brest (breastworks) he would build brest work (breastwork) so
his men would have some chance
for their lives but just look at the
brest works (breastworks) and forts that I now
can sea (see) not more than a half a
mile from whair (where) I now am writing
and then think of facing them and
have grape and [canster?] moving down your
rank by docens (dozens) and You have no chance
to sea (see) or kill one of Your enemy
whilst so meny (many) of Your comrads (comrades) are biting
the dust and then after almost reaching
their works have to fall back with a
duble (double) [??] loss Yess (Yes)  duble (double) the loss why the enemy
never exposed eaven (even) more than the mouth
of their cannons and such as them we have
to face but never whilst little  mack (McClellan, George Brinton (General)) was in

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