Letter written by Wesley Faschett from Geisboro United States General Hospital, Washington, District of Columbia to his friend Theodore on October 11, 1864

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Letter written by Wesley Faschett from a United States General Hospital (Geisboro, Maryland) near Washington, District of Columbia on October 11, 1864, to his friend Theodore: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGE October 11th 1864
Well Friend Theodore (Theodore)

as I
am Abel (able) to write I now take
my pen in hand to inform you
of my whare (where) abouts I am hear (here) in
the hospital near washington (Washington, District of Columbia) and
I do not know how long I shall be
hear (here) but I hope not long if they will
send me whare (where) I want they should
as soon as I am abel (able): I went before
the board and was examined over two
weeks ago and they took my name for some
thing but I have not found out yet but
I think I will know as soon as I get
abel (able) to go up to camp and see the [ote?]
Doctor he can tell me all about it
I think I would like to be at home
to vout (vote) but I will send in my
vout (VOTE) soon if I dont come and
bring it my self but I dont know
how that will be if I am condemed (condemned)
I shall try and get transfered (transferred)

PAGE IMAGE back to my one ["own"?] native state
to do garison (garrison) duty thare (there) is lots
of the boyes (boys)  geting (getting)  furlowes (furloughs) now
and are going tome to vout (vote) you
kneed (need) not ask me how I am a going
to vout (vote) for I cant tell so long before
hand I learn that york stateNew York is going
for old mack (McClellan, George Brinton (General)) [nickname for McClellan] and I think she will
and thare (there) is A good meny (many) of the
soldiers that will vout (vote) for him
unless old  Abe (Lincoln, Abraham (President of the United States)) does some thing this
fall toward bringing this war to A
close for I think that thare (there) is
nothing to hinder him from doing
something for I am shure (sure) he has got
enough men if he haint (hasen't) he never
will have ...
I will tell you about the weather, here
I think I never saw so pleasant A day
as it is here to day but it has been
rather cool here and we have had
one frost that was satuurday (Saturday)
tonight [night?]
PAGE IMAGE I suppose you have haad (had) some
cold weather out in york state (New York) I suppose
if I wer (were) to come home I would have
to sleep in the ovin (oven) in order to keep
warm I think that this ware (war)
is not going to last A great whill (while)
for I think we are a going to whip or
be whiped (whipped) and if you want to know
my reason I will tell you why because
they we I say are condeming (condemning)  ther (their)
best men that is like myself
and puting (putting) all that they can into
invalid care Theodore (Theodore) I wish
you would step over
and tell FatherFaschett (Mr.) that I saw
Newell Hale (Hale, Newell) and he said that
he had that money stole
from him and I wish I was at
home I would make it all right
he is at home I suppose I will
Close and I hope you will
write as soon as you get it
and tell Abner (Abner) that I wish he
would write

Mr. Wesley Faschett (Faschett, Wesley)
Geisboro. Md (Maryland) (Geisboro, Maryland) ..Generel (general)
WashingtonD.C. (District of Columbia) (Washington, District of Columbia)

give my lov to all
so good by
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