Letter written by Martha Woodhull from Philadelphia to Edward on September 7, 1862

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Letter written by Mary C. Woodhull from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on September 7, 1862 to Edward: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEPhiladelphia (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) Sep 7th / 62
My dear Edward (Edward) ,

I know you will be a little
surprised, and I hope a trifle disappointed to
see by the heading of this that I am in that grand
city just as you have left it, but as my absence
previously was forced by circumstances, not
of my ordering I must be content, although
it would have afforded me much pleasure
to have seen you before you got off; however I
shall remain probably a fortnight & perhaps
something may turn up which will enable
us to meet yet. I cannot express my
great obligation for Albert (Albert) s likeness, it is
very much better than the original & coming
at this time will always be held sacred as
a double souvenir, although the satisfaction
would have been greater if I could have
received it from your hands. I came home

PAGE IMAGE with Edward (Edward) , Selena (Selena) & Mary (Mary) on Friday night
& shall remain with them for a few days, but
I also hope to spend some time with your
dear Mother, whom I saw yesterday afternoon
& evening. Robert (Robert) promised to see me to-day
so I will get your address from him. if you
have time I shall be delighted to hear from
you, but if you are pressed for that article,
I will read your letters to the family & write
whenever I think you would like to hear
from me. All of the family, but particularly
Robert (Robert) , seem to feel very acutely the fact of your
going without seeing them but as near as
I can learn it was quite unavoidable & no
blame should be attached to them for it. you
know after a thing has occurred one can
always see what might have been done &
how we could have done it. but at the time
it is quite impossible.
I was interrupted by the arrival of
Robert (Robert) & Mr Stein (Stein) they remained all the
afternoon so I could not finish. I find the
Philadelphians much more hopeful in their
opinion of our late war news, than the
New Yorkers, that city seems particularly
PAGE IMAGE depressed, although enlisting is going on rapidly, but there is a
strong southern sympathy there, among a certain class, which affects
the money makes & causes these panics. I suppose however that
a strong reaction has taken place since I left on account of the
reinstatement of McClellan (McClellan, George Brinton (General)) , who is almost worshipped there, but
I begin to feel as if we needed a new man. We want a Lee (Lee, Robert E. (General)) or Jackson (Jackson, Stonewall (General))
From the news this morning, I shall expect to see the rebel army
here before I leave, the darkest hour of our national existence is
upon us & yet the people are as unconcerned as though we were
in the free tide of success. Nothing short of a Japanese advent or
a cable celebration can awake our people. God forgive our unless
some of them will have a heavy account to settle before long. I am
going up to Eleventh st. this morning, & am fearful that some of my
ultra Union Sentiments will give offense, but I sincerely hope that
all will feel as I do & act as I should were the choice left with
me. We are going to look at your likeness on Wednesday. Robert (Robert)
does not like it, so he would not bring it home, but perhaps we
shall see differently, at all events if you can get time, you had
PAGE IMAGE better try in Washington (Washington, District of Columbia) , if you dont like the [-ess?] for the head
dont (don't) let them use it: take a natural position & insist upon the
likeness from that, they will all do it if you are firm. Grandma
has given up her room and talks of going to Jersey (New Jersey) (New Jersey) this week, but
I do not think she will make it out. Make an effort to get
home as soon as possible & let us know the prospects immediately
as if you can not come to us perhaps we can to you. God bless
you & keep you in health. With His protection & the spirit you have
already shown, your aim for defence will be strong.

Affectionately yours, Mary C. Woodhull (Woodhull, Mary C.) 510 South 13th St.
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