Letter written by Mahala Woods from Savannah, Missouri to her son on October 14, 1862

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Letter written by Mahala Woods from Savannah, Missouri, on October 14, 1862, to her son, John N. Woods, of Jan Joachin, California: a machine readable transcription


[Written in margins:] stamped on face of envelope: J.R. Hawley, Cincinatti J. R. Hawley (Hawley, J.R.) .  Cincinnatti (Cincinnati, Ohio) .

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SAVA (Savannah)MO (Missouri) (Savannah, Missouri)
O 15

John N. Woods (Woods, John N.)
Woods Herry
San joaquin Ca
California (San Joaquin, California)

Overland mail

PAGE IMAGE "The Girl I left Behind Me."

He turned and left the spot--O! do not deem him weak--
For dauntless was the soldier's heart, though tears were on his cheek
Go, watch the foremost rank, in danger's dark career;
Be sure the hand most darling then has wiped away a tear."

SavannahMo (Missouri) (Savannah, Missouri)   Oct the 14. 62 My Dear Son (Woods, John N.)

It affords me
much pleasure this evening
to seat my self to answer
your kind and most
affectionate letter
which has just come to hand this day date
September 24 I am glad that your health
is so good and now I must say that
we are all well at this time Albert (Albert) has
got about well again he has had the
chills but him and Smithy (Smithy) has been
working like good boys and got ten
gallons of molasses a piece for me
the Sorgum (sorghum) a very good substitute
indeed, well how Johnie (Woods, John N.) for the
rest and for California (California) you have
got me set up once more with the
idea of going to Califor (California) (California)

PAGE IMAGE and I am glad to here (hear) you name it
for you know that I have always
wanted to go theire (there) and now I am [??]
going to get up in the morning and
begin to arrange all of our Cloathing (clothing)
and never sop (stop) till I get them done
you said for me to keep in readiness
now I want to tell you my Son
that I dont want you to give up
the struggle till you get us with
you for I am unhappy and have
but little pleasure here I think that
SavannahSavannah (Savannah, Missouri) will give me up very
well the worst will be with me
Albert (Albert) and I are so lifted up
with the idea of going that we cant rest
hardly till we get another letter from
you which I hope will be soon now
Johnie (Woods, John N.) you must not disappoint
me if it is in your power to get
us their (there) I want you to write and
tell me what I must do with
my plunder and if I must
take any thing with me or not
PAGE IMAGE I do not know wheather (whether) I could
sell any thing I have for money
the way times is now and no prospect
of them getting any better very soon
if you can get the means to take us
to California (California) you nead (need) not be afraid
but what I can travel if
I have a way bill to go by for
i feel like i could stem the storms
of the sea if I could onely (only)
get to be with you for I never
have been contented since the day
you left home and now the boys
are getting to an age that all boy
wants some one to watch over them
and I feel that you are the one to do
it their (there) is no one here to take that
interest in Albert (Albert) and Smithy (Smithy)
that Chiney? ([Chiney?]) did for you I do
the best I can for them [as?] any
other Mother could do for her
children I have just started [edy?]
to school to Rose Eliott (Eliott, Rose) she has
has a fine little school
PAGE IMAGE well Johnnie (Johnnie) for fear I dont get
to see you till it gets to be an old
thing I will tell you who is married
Mr Billie King (King, Billie (Mr.)) to Mary Hide (Hide, Mary)
they have been wedded two weeks
to day he has three children and
also Dick Harvy (Harvey, Dick) to Margaret Abbot (Abbott, Margaret)
or [Caples?] if you remember
she was married on Sunday night
you spoke of Mrs Deane (Deane (Mrs.)) in your
letter I was at her house on Sunday
evening i did not see her but they
are all well I took for her here
this week and will deliver the
message to her that you sent
Savannah (Savannah) sends her love to you
and wants you to write so no more
at present from your most affectionate

Mahala Woods (Woods, Mahala)

write just the minute you get
this without fail so good
night Johnnie (Johnnie Woods)

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