Letter written by B. F. Field from Groton to his friend Tarbell on Friday the 14th, [no month or year]

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Letter written by B.F. Field from Groton on Friday the 14th to his friend Tarbell, [no month or year]: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEGroton (Groton) Friday 14th Friend Tarball (Tarball (Mr.))

You were very
kind to write to Me, and give
the particulars of Stanley (Stanley) s
Misfortunes. we hope to hear
soo nthat he is out of danger
I sent one dollar as you found
in the letter on account of his
writing that his appetite was
poor, and he would like some
little delacacies (delicacies) that you
could not get in camp I
Calculated to go on the
bill as soon as I oculd
and try to get some that
was comeing (coming) to him and
send if neccesary (necessary) but
you wrote that he could
not be made more comfortable
than he was

PAGE IMAGE so I thought it was of no
use to send money at [-iris--?]
I wish you would write as soon
as you get this and you will
oblige his Friend very
much, we are very grateful (greatful)
to you for the kindness you
have shown to Stanley (Stanley) and
hope you may be paid
in the same manner by
those that for the present
have power to direct you
I can think of No news that
will interest you, I close
by saying that I hope ere
many months are passed
the Troubles that are seperating (separating)
so many Friends will
be settled in a manner that
will not impair the dignity nor
power of the Loyal Mates, and
that you all ma (may) return to your
homes in health, I remain

yours B F Field (Field, B.F.)
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