Letter written by Rush P. Cady, lieutenant in the 97th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company K, to his parents of Rome, New York, from Camp near Belle Plain Landing, Virginia, January 11, 1863

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Letter written by Rush P. Cady, lieutenant in the 97th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company K, from Camp near Belle Plain Landing, Virginia, January 11, 1863, to his parents, Daniel and Fidelia W. Cady, of Rome, New York

PAGE IMAGECamp of the 97th (97th Regiment, New York) near Belle Plain Landing, Va. (Virginia) (Belle Plain Landing, Virginia)
Sunday Evening, Jan. 11th '63. Dear Parents,

I received Mothers letter, of the 2d inst. A few
days ago, & have not had time to answer it before. And
within a few days, I have also received letters from Gustavus (Palmer, Gustavus M. (Captain))
& Eliza (Cady, Eliza) , neither of which I have yet answered.
Last Wednesday night, Rufus (Rufus) came from Washington (Washington, District of Columbia) , very
unexpectedly to us, as we supposed he had gone with Gustavus (Palmer, Gustavus M. (Captain)) .
He gave us considerable news; said Mrs. Bannerman (Bannerman (Mrs.)) urged
him very hard to remain there, but he preferred to come back
to the Reg. He had no difficulty in coming as the >Servant of the Chaplain
of the 104th N.Y. (104th Regiment, New York)- Lieut. Carpenter (Carpenter (Lieutenant)) , living at Little Falls (Little Falls, New York) ,
expects to go home soon, when his resignation is accepted,
& offers to take Rufus (Rufus) with him, if Gustavus (Palmer, Gustavus M. (Captain)) wishes it. But
I think it was well enough that he didn't go, after all.
Rufus (Rufus) has now hired out as Capt. Downing (Downing, D.J. (Captain)) 's servant.
Hopkins (Hopkins) resignation of the captaincy of Co. H. (Company H.) has been accepted,
& Downing (Downing, D.J. (Captain)) has been promoted to the vacancy. Lieut. I. H. Smith (Smith, I.H.)
has been appointed Act'g Adjt (Acting Adjutant), in place of Downing (Downing, D.J. (Captain)) .
I rather expected to be appointed Adj. (Adjutant) but I did not make
the slightest effort, in any way, to secure the place; & I know
that Smith (Smith) did exert all his influence, to that end; as he
desired very much to get out of his Co. on account of strong
dislike & hard feelings towards his superior officer, Lieut. Rockwell (Rockwell (Lieutenant)) .
Lieut. Morrin (Morrin (Lieutenant)) , of the new recruits is

PAGE IMAGEActing Quartermaster, in place of Lieut. Rowan (Rowan (Lieutenant)) , now
Quartermaster of the Division. E. G. Harrington (Harrington, E.G. (Lieutenant)) has been ap-
pointed a Lieut. & also Grimer (Grimer) (formerly Serg't (Sergent)) of Co. H. (Company H.)
This information is for Gustavus (Palmer, Gustavus M. (Captain)) ' benefit.
We are pretty busy just now, making out Quarterly Re-
turns of “Ordnance & Ordnance Stores,” “Clothing, Camp
& Garrison Equipage “&c. for the last Quarter of 1862.
It is a good deal of work, & requires considerable labor
& study, especially as they have never before been made
out, as they should have been. I have set myself the task
of regulating & straightening up as well as possible, all the
accounts of the Co. from the time of its organization, up to
the present. The officers have never before, made
the requisite Returns to the Departments, nor kept all
their accounts correctly. But now they are becoming
awake to the necessity of the correction of past mis-
takes & delinquencies in these matters.

Quartermaster Rowan (Rowan (Quarter Master)) & Mr. Comstock (Comstock (Mr.)) go to Washington (Washington, District of Columbia)
tomorrow, so that I have an opportunity to send for my
Box, at Mrs. Bannerman (Bannerman (Mrs.)) 's, & also for some articles in the way
of a Mess Kit, & when we get them, Alek (Alexander, George (Lieutenant)) & I will have
a mess of our own, probably independent of anyone
else. Nothing unusual or important has taken
place here lately. We did anticipate a movement before
this, but we still remain in the same camp, with as
little prospect as ever, of leaving. The weather has been,
most of the time pleasant, & not very cold; no snow
at all. Yesterday it rained nearly all day, but has since

PAGE IMAGE Cleared off very finely. The news of Rosecraus (Rosecraus)
' victory at Murfreesboro (Murfreesboro, Tennessee) , was looked for with great
anxiety from day to day, while the result seemed un-
certain, but when it became fully known, the sat-
isfaction was very treat; & the desire earnest, that
we in the East might speedily emulate the example
of our army in the South west, & win as glorious
a victory. All sorts of rumors reach us, as to the
movements of the army of the Potomac (Army of the Potomac), but of course
nothing is definite or reliable. But it does seem, to one
who knows nothing of the reasons therefore, that its pres-
ent inactivity & the delay in its operations, are all
unnecessary. It would seem that now is the
most favorable time, to push on the Campaign—
for the taking of Richmond (Richmond, Virginia) ; since, without doubt, a
good part of the rebel army, lately at Fredericksburg (Fredericksburg, Virginia) ,
has been sent off in different directions. But we must
wait patiently for orders from Headquarters.

The Citizen, containing my two letters, came duly to
hand. I presume they had already got them in type,
when they rec'd my other letter, written for publication.
Perhaps it was just as well. I saw & read the letter
in the Boonville Herald, signed “H”, to which you refer. It was
written by Lieut. Isaac Hall (Hall, Isaac) , of Co. D. (Company D.) who has been with the
Reg. all the time, since we left Boonville (Boonville, New York) . He came as 2d Lieut.
but has since been promoted to 1st. He is quite an eld-
erly man, & a good, brave & faithful officer.

It has commenced raining again, & is quite windy

PAGE IMAGE Presume we are going to have a “Spell of weather”.

Two or three days ago, I received a letter
from Will Wright (Wright, Will) , sending for his Descriptive List.
He is still at the U.S. Gen. Hospital, Baltimore (Baltimore, Maryland) , & well
enough to return to the Reg. as soon as he gets his clothes
& pay.- There is some talk in regard to the
consolidation of old Regts. Some have already been
consolidated, that I know of, & I doubt not, a
general system of consolidation will soon be adop-
ted, so that probably the services of at least half the
officers of such Regts will be dispensed with, as I
think with advantage rather than detriment to the
service. Would you advise me to resign, or get
“mustered out”, if a good opportunity offers, through
the consolidation of our Reg. with some other?

As I have another letter to write this
evening, I must close. Will endeavor to write home
sooner next time. Expect letters from Mother & Grand-
mother, daily. And let Gustavus (Palmer, Gustavus M. (Captain)) write again, before
receiving a direct answer to his last, as he knows I
am very busy. Hope he will gain rapidly, so as to be able
soon, to walk as well as ever. Give all the folks
my love, & remember me kindly to inquiring

Your aff. Son, Rush P. Cady (Cady, Rush Palmer (Lieutenant)) . P.S.

Let Father send me some more stamps, as my
stock is nearly out. I do not care for any more
money from home, as we expect to be paid off soon.

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