Letter written by Seth Alden from Portsmouth Grove to his cousin on March 27, 1863

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Letter written by Seth H. Alden from Portsmouth Grove on March 27, 1863, to his cousin: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEPortsmouth Grove (Portsmouth Grove, Rhode Island)
Mar 27
Dear Cousin

I received your letter to
day have been hear (here) a week to day
it is a fortnit (fortnight) tomorrow since
we started, and I have been to
the office every day to get a letter
and would come back with out
eney (any) and Could not think what
it ment (meant) I got one from Ellen (Ellen)
that morning that we started and
was looking for one from Garner? ([Garner?]) for
I had not had one for some time
it is Snowing hard now and the
ground is all white I like hear (here) better
then I did when I ferst (first) came hear (here)
there is some prety (pretty)  farmes (farms) around
hear (here) but we cant get to them thare (there)
is a heavy gard (guard) on around the
hospitals and no one Can get

[Written in margins:] The following is written in the top margin of page 1.

I shall look for
a letter from
him two morrow (tomorrow)
he has now gon (gone)
from that hospital
[amenkst?] you
all you wrote
me consiterable (considerable)
news but [canoll?]
wrote the news that
I wanted to know
and that was about
the town meeting
I thought about that
the day it was I
shall write a few
lines to
on the other page
it seems as though
I was writing you a
shool (school) letter S. H. A (Alden, Seth H.) ]

PAGE IMAGE out unless they have a pass they
dont give ferlowes (furloughs)  hear (here) they give
passes when it is nesersary (necessary) from
three to five days and some can
get them exstended (extended) in Boston (Boston, Massachusetts) five
days thare (there) [usy? is? was?] some went home
to day that belonged in [mass?] an ["and"?]
three days pass thare (there) is a lot hear (here)
that is clost (close) home some belong in
Conneticut (Connecticut) (Connecticut) and some in this
state I shall look for a letter to
might (night) from home it has been most
a week since I wrote as a general thing
you dont get my letters so quick
as I get yours if you put your letters
into the offic (office) the same as this morning
and to morrow night I should
get it but those that I send if they
hunt some of you down it will ly (lie)
in the offis (office) and when you write one
perhaps you dont have a chance to
put it into the office for two or three
days Mr. Albert. I. Cox (Cox, Albert I) is my friends naim (name)

PAGE IMAGEPortsmouth Grove (Portsmouth Grove, Rhode Island) Mar 31
My Dear Cousin

I will pen you a
few lines this day to let you know
how things are mooving (moving) I dont hear
of the armeys (army's)  moveing (moving) yet but it has
been takking (talking) about it for a long time
thing appear better hear (here) then they did when
I first came hear (here)  altho (although) they are very
strict hear (here) it seams (seems) more milarutary (military)
I thought if I get north I should
get out of the sound of the fife and
drum but it is not so they have
the reageler (regular) Calls and reguler (regular)  gard (guard)
mounting we have roal (roll) call three times
a day we have to fall in and march
down two (to) our meals some on crutches
and most all the rest with Cains (canes)
we have veriety (variety) and it is all backed (baked)
very nice if thare (there) was a little more of it
we should like it better but we have

[Written in margins:] The following is written in the top margin of page 3.

know where
he is I dont
think that I
hear from home
very often it is
now the last day of Mar
and I have
just heard
about town
meeting I
have not got
half into this
letter that I
warnt (wanted) to
yours from
your Cousin Seth (Alden, Seth H.) ]

PAGE IMAGE to like what we can get and we may
grumble as mutch (much) as we like it and
do no good perhpas we mint (might) get put
in the gard (guard) house or somthing (something) of that
Sort they have got most every thing
that [---ent?] they have got a [misl?]
libery (library) and send my [room?] they heve (have)
Clases (classes) in reading and writing
gramer (grammar) and sev (several) other Clases (classes)  thare (there)
over Seven hundred hear (here) they are
bilding (building) a bacry (bakery)  hear (here) and they are bilding (building)
hear (here) all the time I could not began
to tell you the number of bildings (buildings) that
is hear (here) it is getting to be quite a City
but we are about the saime (same) as in prison
I was glad to hear from Saun?[Saun?] meeting
it will soon be time for you to go
to work on the farm I suppose
that you have got the wood most
all cut up I exspect (expect) that the Springs
work will Come [amlait? "on late"?] this Spring
thare (there) is five of us in ["this"?] ward this
letter will not go out untill (until) to morrow
morning we have Supper at six a (o')
Clock and breckfast (breakfast) at eight thare (there)
has not eny (any) of you wrote about Stewart (Stewart)
late [ly? "lie"?] I should like to

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