Letter written by D. Long from Pittsburg to his friend Williams on March 12, 1863

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Letter written by D. Long from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, on March 12, 1863 to his friend Jos Williams: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGE [written in margins: interesting Civil War letter]

Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) March 12th 63
Friend Williams (Williams, Jos)

I received your
welcom (welcome) letter day before yesterday
I am sory (sorry) to learn that
you have not yet or have
been so long wating (waiting) to get
in your store, but I have
a good idea of what it
is to fit up old places and
I also know that they cost
more after they are finished
than what I first reckond (reckoned)
on and never done at the
time you expect.
Well Jos (Williams, Jos) I am blessed with
good luck this season you
had better believe I have
got a whoping (whopping) juvenile class

PAGE IMAGE now the largest I ever had
in Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) , yesterday I
had several new pupils and
had six set on the floor and
four seting (setting), then my class
was not all in, as there is
over a set that comes only
on saturdays. My evening
class has picked up wonderfully
in the last two weeks there
is not three in the class
now that was in it when
you attended there has been
an increase of about a
dozen in the last two weeks
and there is to be three
more in tomorrow evening.
About two weeks ago I put
a little local notice in
the Chronicle and a notice
in the Dispatch, the two
cost me about six dollars
PAGE IMAGE and in the two weeks time
they have brought me in
twenty one pupils is not
that a good investment
two hundred & ten dollars
for six, (oh no I guess not)
but you know I advertised
that it was the last chance
this season and that I would
not take any more pupils
after the tenth that stured (stirred)
them up some. I am doing
a great deal better this season
than I expected, I am
in clover at present but
if I am drafted this
summer it wont be clover
but dancing round to dodg (dodge)
bulets (bullets) well let them rip
I cant see it I am as
loyal as any man but I
dont believe in going to
PAGE IMAGE fight for the damd (damned) black
nagers (niggers) if they want their
liberty let them fight for
it as it tis (is) we are going
to war and they are staying
at home laughing at us
My Hall is rented for two
parties one to come off on
the 19th of this month and
the other on the 26th I am
a going to pitch in and
sell tickets to both parties
and with what the rest
of the boys will sell I
think we will get up a
party for the 9th of next month which will be
our last. Hoping to here (hear) from
you soon again I remain

yours truly D Long (Long, D.)
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