Letter written by Helen from New Albany to her Nell on April 5, 1861

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Letter written by Helen from New Albany, Indiana, on April 5, 1861, to her Aunt Harrient N. "Nell" Lewis, of Otisco, New York: a machine readable transcription


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NEW ALBANY Ind. (Indiana) (New Albany, Indiana)
MAY 8 1861

Miss Harriet N. Lewis (Lewis, Harriet N.)
Otisco, Onondaga Co.
New York (Otisco, New York) (Onondaga County, New York) .

New Albany (New Albany, Indiana) SundayApr 5th 61
Dear Nell (Lewis, Harriet N. "Nell")

Do not be surprised at
hearing from me again, so soon
these perilous times. you have
received my letter to Sallie (Sallie) e're this,
I presume. your last arrived ten days since, with the welcome intelligence
of "all well." and I can repeat the
same for Brother Mark (Mark (brother)) s family -
myself excepted. I cannot define
any particular cause for indisposition,
only loss of appetite and extreme
weakness. - probably "Old general
debility" - has taken posession (possession) of me,
yet I can not think of being sick these
times, when everything is "war, war."
the people here are fairly awakened
the Kentuckians, appear to apprehen (apprehend)

PAGE IMAGE more from us, than we do from them.
we have an immense flag planted
on the "Knobs" below here, which
can be seen at any part of Louisville (Louisville, Kentucky) .
which is magnifyed (magnified) to a large
battery well maned (manned), at the election
in Louisville (Louisville, Kentucky) yesterday, the Union
ticket was victorious, or rather they
say we are for the Union, which
is only a neutral position, which
is more comfortable than open
rebelion (rebellion) if they will not show
the "stars and stripes," they are
traitors, however they will be compelled
to take a definite position, and very
soon too. if for secession, then this
place will be a point for engagement
it indeed looks like so war to see the
great ugly cannons pasisng through
the streets. tomorrow there is to be
a large parade. - seventeen companies
averaging one hundred each. there
are three regiments stationed
PAGE IMAGEneare (near) this place to protect
us, but that will not suffice, if
we are attacked. our place presents
a gay appearance, flags float from
most of the houses - even "little
Frank (Frank ("little")) " carries a miniature one,
My visit to Cincinnati (Cincinnati, Ohio) has "died
a natural death." - I can hardly think
of visiting Cincinnati (Cincinnati, Ohio) at present.
the excitement there is terrible
every thing is so uncertain thes (these)
times, we can not speak definitely
in regard to anything. I wish to
remain where Mark (Mark) and Frank (Frank ("little"))
are, especially if the danger increases
- yet it is quite a trial to relinquish
the idea of seeing you all
this summer. What does Cousin
George (George (cousin)) think of the present troubles,
not sympathizing with the South
is he? What a remarkable coincidence
it is, that the first men that fall
in the strugle (struggle) for our "National
PAGE IMAGE independance" were massachusetts (Massachusetts)
men, and the first that fall in
maintaining that independance, were
decendants (descendants) of the same - at Baltimore (Baltimore, Maryland) ,
and also on the eighty-sixth anniversary
of the "battle of Lexington (Lexington, Kentucky) ."
My birds are well and happy,
keep them [well?] indeed I
would not let anybody have
them to abuse. I have a very nice
place to hang them here - where
the sun does not trouble them,
and it is sufficiently warm,
Mollie (Mollie) just called me down stairs
to sing some sacred pieces it quite
reminds one of the attempts at sacred
music on your piano when I was with
you. How is Mary Goodwin (Goodwin, Mary) this spring?
does she practice much, I would like to see
her. probably I never will, for all my plans
appear like shadows, as I advance they
recede, and I never get them fairly in
my grasp, probably I would not
appreciate them if I did. Well [Nell?] Aunt (Lewis, Harriet N. "Nell")
I would relish her eggs and milk,
or anything coming from Uncle Clement (Clement (Uncle))
[??] I ges (guess) of sending an abundance
of love to you I want to see you all and
take hold of you again.
write soon,

Helen (Helen) .
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