Letter written by Daniel Preston Adams from Louisana Camp Joubert Raceland Station to his sister Esther on January 13, 1863

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Letter written by Daniel Preston Adams from Camp Joubert, Raceland Station, Louisana, on January 13, 1863, to his sister Miss. Esther Adams of Lincklaen, New York: a machine readable transcription


Miss Esther Adams (Adams, Esther)
North Lincklaen
Chenango Co
NY (New York) (Lincklaen, New York) (Chenango County, New York)

NEW ORLEA (New Oreleans)[state unclear] (Louisiana) (New Orleans, Louisiana)
JAN 14 18 [year unclear]


[written in margins:15]

PAGE IMAGELouisiana, Camp Joubert  Race-
land (Raceland) StationCamp Joubert, Raceland Station
Jan 13th 1865 Sister Esther (Adams, Esther)

I seat miself (myself) this
morning to write you a few lines as
it has been a long time since I herd (heard)
from home I am well at present have
been well all the time with the exception
of Sea sickness that was
not very severe I received five letters
and two papers from home yesterday
one from you and Susan (Adams, Susan) dated the
23d of Dec and three from Susan (Adams, Susan)
dated, 5th8 and 10th you may
believe they were welcome visitors
I am sorry to here (hear) that eny (any) of you are
or have been sick I hope that you
all may be Spared from sickness
yet we can not controle (control) our destines (destinies)
so we must put our trust
in him who rules the strom I am
sorry to hear that Fathers (Adams (Mr.)) health

PAGE IMAGE is so poor I trust he will be spared
to us for a long time to come
you wanted to know how we fared
I will try and tell you we fare
better now that we did when
we were on Ship board we have
plenty corn meal fresh beef
Fish when we are a mind to
ketch (catch) them with what we draw
from the quarter master I
think we are well supplied just
now our cooking could be done
better if we had convenient places
for to doo (do) it but we have good
apotites (appetites) and can eat most eny (any)
thing you wanted to know how
I liked a soldiers life I have this
much to say I am not disappointed
in the least and as for my likeing (liking)
the bussiness (business) I never thought if I
should it is a hard task a man
is thrown in to the company of
all sorts of caracters (characters)
PAGE IMAGE some think of nothing but eating
and they are not willing to
doo (do)  eny (any) thing towards helping
Susan (Adams, Susan) said that her aunt
Polly (Polly (aunt)) wanted I should write
about Albert (Albert) he is one of the
best of soldiers in fact I wil (will)
confess I was not acquainted
with him before he gets along
first rate he tents with us and
I shall stick to him as clost (close) as
a wood tick I will tell you about
our going to a Shugar (sugar) house yesterday
it was worked by agents of the
government the hands were colored
people they were hired by the month
I had no idea of the Mashinery (machinery)
it took in them till I saw it
the plantation around it covers
from six or seven hundred acres
of land there is an immense
lot of cane that is spoiled
by the frost and stands Just
PAGE IMAGE as it growed there is three
Shugar (sugar)  mils (mills) here in sight
the collored (colored) people come here
with Bread and [Saus? should be "sauce"?] to exchange
for eny (any) thing we have to spare
the further I go where Slavery is
the more I am an Abolitionist
Susan (Adams, Susan) wanted I should tell her
what I thought [I? of?] about our quarter
master and Sutter (Sutter) as for
the Suter (Sutter) I doo (do) not cary eny (any)
thing about him no more than
eny (any) other man but the quarter
master is in a position that
comes closter (closer) to me I have had anough (enough)
to eat but I think we
have not drawed what the gov
alowes (allows) us Floyd (Floyd) is going home
in a day or two I told Susan (Adams, Susan)
that he would be in [Otselie?]
when he got sick of going
with us good by now

Daniel (Adams, Daniel Preston) to Esther Adams (Adams, Esther)
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