Letter written by T. B. Tarbell from Groton, New York to his son on July 13, 1861

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Letter written by T.B. Tarbell from Groton, New York, on July 13, 1861, to his son: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEGroton (Groton) July 13th / 61
Dear Absent Son (Tarbell, Doctor)

we are this morning
feeling quite well from the fact
that we have the Privilege of
reading your letter, dated the 3th instant, we have had almost given
up hearing from you as we had
heard nothing from you since you
left the island the boys have been
hear (here) to sea (see) if we had heard from
you all feeling very anxious to
know your whear (where) abouts, the letter
is Passing round among your friends
the neighbours are all inquiring
have you heard from Doctor (Tarbell, Doctor) , do
let us hear from you often & by
all means if anything should be
the matter of you Report was
[up?] that Capt Rowe (Rowe (Captain)) was kiled (killed)
last saturday (weak (week)) (the war -

PAGE IMAGE news is very alarming, men are
falling every day as report says
& we all feel a fraid (afraid) to hear &
yet we want to hear every day,
from you for fear all will not
be rite (right), do be careful & not run
to (too) many risks you are far from
home & friends, & near I suppose
hostil (hostile) foes, but my dear son you
have a frind (friend) I hope that is alwayes (always)
with you & who has said he will
be with all, who ask, I want
if any thing happens to you
that you should have some
of you frinds (friends) in the army
lit (let) us know the fact as soon
as possable (possible), we live in fear to hear
expecting to hear you are sick or
dead, we are all well & our
crops look exceedingly well
PAGE IMAGE [written in margins: 3] times are very hard no money
to be had, no market for any
stock of any kind, I offered
$5.00 for fifty till first of Oct
I dont know wheather (whether) I shall be
able to get it or not, I have to get
it for ( Williams (Williams) ) Beach (Beach) is letting
money at the rate [12/-?] cts, if you
have drawn any money & will
spare it I would for that amt
$50.00 give you the same, do rite (write)
often, the [male? "mail"?] [paper?] hear every day
North Monday South Tuesdays.
your's dated 3th was read Friday the 12th
A H. T. (T., A. H.) will get to day all
hear (here) at home have sean (seen) it [Celinday?]
was home & heard it read
if I could sea (see) you one hour
we could visit fast, but we
all fear we never shall sea (see) you
again Doctor (Tarbell, Doctor) can that be so
PAGE IMAGE must it be so, God forbid that
we never meete (meet)  hear (here) on Earth again
but permit us is the Prayr (prayer) of you
[& car?] Parents, again the privilege
of another meeting hear (here) on Earth
but if it is not ours to meete (meet)
on Earth together may we live faithful
to grace allready (already) given that we
may meete (meet) in heaven, wheare (where)
there is no war, to sever friends
& no foes to face, no nor no
sorrow nor morning (mourning), for Absent
Children we want to feel resigned
the dealing of god with us, but it
seams (seems) hard now in the [decline?]
of life that we must morne (mourn) & weep
fo (for) a loved one gone, may the good
god turn & over turn till all be
made rite (right) & we be again united
in happy Family Circle,

From your
Father & Frind (friend) T. B. Tarbell (Tarbell, Thomas B.)
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