Letter written by V. Sawyer from Washington, camp near the Nearva to his respected friends on October 11, 1862

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Letter written by V. Sawyer from Washington DC, camp near the [Nearva?] to his respected friends on October 11, 1862: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGE [written in margins: from #159] WashingtonD.C. (District of Columbia) (Washington, District of Columbia )
Camp Near the [Nea--?] ([Nea--?])
Oct the 11th / 62 Respected friends

I thought
I would write you a line
and I want you to Excuse
me for being so bold and
dont tell George (George) of Corse (course) you
know better we are in a
nice place down here Clost (close)
by the river and a good
lot of boys here but no
girls we have hard times
down here some times
knights (nights) we have nothing but

PAGE IMAGE Coffee and Bread and
that is hard foor I think
we stay in Cloth tents from
one to two and some have
Six in we have a poor Chance
to write Some times write
on the ground I have seen
the Monitor it is quite a
Boat think it is getting
dark I have just got back from
role (roll) Call when I was up to
your house the last time I
think it was I was not used
very well nothing on your
part but what was rite (right)
PAGE IMAGE I never had any thing
against you but always
thought a good deal of you
and due (do) now but thare (there)
was Some thare (there) that I
was a fool and could not
see some thing I dont perfess (profess)
to know as much as some
folks does but I think I can
tell when I am made fun
of but let that go ofr what
it will fetch and drop it
no one ever but for a Day
a word of best of you in
[my?] life: I want you to
PAGE IMAGE write to me if you Can
without some folks know
it and you want to
Give my love to all
and keep a good Share
for your self
that is if you want it

Excuse all and write
Soon yours as a friend
and well wisher Direct to
V. [N.?] Sawyer (Sawyer, V.[N.?])
WashingtonD.C. (District of Columbia) (Washington, District of Columbia)
15th Regt (15th REgiment) Co H (Company H) in Care
of Capt E O Beers (Beers, E.O. (Captain))
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