Letter written by Amanda Palmer from Melone to his brother and sister on December 15, 1862

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Letter written by Amanda Palmer from Malone, New York, on December 15, 1862, to her brother and sister, John and Mary Palmer: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEMelone (Malone, New York) Dec 15 1862Dear Brother (Palmer, John) & Sister (Palmer, Mary)

it is so long since I atempted (attempted) to rite (write)
that I hardly know how its over
eight months since I have riten (written) a line
to eny (any) one it was not because I did not
wanto (want to) write to my sister but evry (every)
surcomstance (circumstance)  seam (seem) to prevent me
from riting (writing) how many times I have
set to write I cannot tell but have ben (been)
prevented as many but now I will take
a few moments to tell you by the way
of pen & ink that my health is pasible (passible)
good for whitch (which) i ought to be thankful I hope
you all enjoy good health it apears (appears) by your
last letter that a part of youre (your) family
have taken up a new abode for better
or for worse let it be whitch (which) way it wil (will)
I supose (suppose) its a bargin (bargain) of heir (her) own agrement (agreement)
for my part I wish her prosperity & happiness
in her new home have you ben (been)
up to se (see) her when you se (see) her I wish
you would say to her I want she should

PAGE IMAGE write to me in her new home &
direct me whare (where) to send my letters
to her Mary (Palmer, Mary) i supose (suppose) you would like
to now (know) how i get along Mr Palmer (Palmer (Mr.))
went to Syracuse (Syracuse, New York) about the midle (middle) of
November to stay as long as he is permitted
to live he dont desire to ever come back
again only to make a visit its so he has more
friends in Syracuse (Syracuse, New York) & in Trenton (Trenton) with fare (far) more
respect in the sity (city) then in sutch (such) a little
vilage (village) as Malone (Malone, New York) furnishes he wants me
to come [nant] spring I told him more then
once that I never wanted to go to Syracuse (Syracuse, New York)
to keep house again & I dont think I ever
shall unless some grait (great) change should take
place that I dont know of now if Felonzon (Felazon) & Sally (Sally)
should some time in the course of years
think best for me to come & all live in one family
I might posably (possibly) go Silas (Silas) & t--- ([t---]) said
PAGE IMAGE I might come to their house &
stay untill spring I said then if I should
tak (take) a notion to go some whare (where) else perhaps
I should go my things are moved
up to Silas (Silas) es except what Mr Palmer (Palmer (Mr.))
took along with him whitch (which) was his
bed that he had when we ware (were)
maried (married) & bed close enough for the bed
he had one trunk of clothing &
one good sized chest Mary (Palmer, Mary) I cant
tell you what I would like to if
I could se (see) you I could free my mind
in a measure I hope I shall se (see) you
and John (Palmer, John) & little Jonny (Jonny ("little")) another fall or
before if we should live to se (see) it
Mary (Palmer, Mary) it rote (wrote) you a letter two or three
weeks ago she is afraid you havnt (haven't) got
it [sturns] health is as usual so
nervous some of the time it seams (seems) as
thoug (though) I should fly
PAGE IMAGE John (Palmer, John) & Mary (Palmer, Mary) what do you think
of the prospects of our war dont
you think we came very near being
ruined if Mc Clelen (McClellan, George Brinton (General)) had not ben (been)
superseded for three months longer
whare (where) would we have ben (been) what
a traitor he has proved himself to
be havent he ought to meat (meet) a
traitors doom yes I think hanging by
he (the) neck untill dead is what he deserves
as mutch (much) as eny (any) other traitor it cannot be
estimated how mutch (much) hurt & trouble
he has done for the Oficers (officers) & Soldiers
aspecialy (especially) the army under his comand (command)
I hope if we have eny (any) true
loyal generals in our army they
will give rebelion (rebellion) its death blow
in a hury (hurry) I hope we havent eny (any) more
Mc Clelen (McClellan, George Brinton (General)) s to [tally] with war
eny (any) more I think you will say enough
for this time give my best respects to
all and exept (accept)  youre (your) selves the best love
of youre (your) sister

Amanda Palmer (Palmer, Amanda)

please do write sone (soon)

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