Letter written by Ezra Perry from Vicksburg, Mississippi to his cousin Mary on April 25, 1865 -- Correspondence

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Letter written by Ezra Perry from Vicksburg, Mississippi to his cousin Mary on April 25, 1865: a machine readable transcription


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Miss Mary Ashley (Ashley, Mary) .
Tompkins Co.
New York (Speedsville, New York) .



PAGE IMAGEVicksburgMiss. (Mississippi) (Vicksburg, Mississippi)
April 25th 1865
Dear Cousin Mary (Mary (Cousin))

yours of
the 16th came to hand to day and I
was glad to hear from you as I allways (always)
am and take the first opertunity (opportunity)
to answer it hoping that you will
excuse poor writing and stationary (stationery) as
it is the best I have at presant (present) and
as I am on duty to day I have to write
in haste; I will send you a flower in this
letter but dont think it will look like
much of any thing by then you get it
and cant say what kind of a one it
will be as I have not picked it yet;
I am still in good health and spirits

PAGE IMAGE although the weather is very warm
here and a great many are sick on
that account; What has Frank (Frank) gone
to O--- (O---) for and is he going to get
married in the spring and if so do you
know who to; who is going to work the
farm this year; I expect to get out
of the service this summer and then
"ho" for Idaho (Idaho) ; to the great gold
mines to fill my pockets with money
and then back to get me a wife and
settle down for life; But there is no
news so what shall I write I am sure
I would like to write you a good long letter
But if there is nothing to tell you I dont
see how I am to go to work to do it
Give my love to Frank Norwod (Norwood, Frank) and
all the rest of my friends that take
the trouble to ask after me; Dinner
is reddy (ready) and so I must close as I have to
go on guard as soon as I eat my dinner.
So good by for this time; Tell your mother
PAGE IMAGE I beleave (believe) she ows (owes) me a letter and
I do wish she would pay her dets (debts)
if she is abole; Hoping to hear from
you soon I remain your loving Cousin

E. H. Perry (Perry, Ezra H.) , Co H. (Company H.) 4th Mo Cav (4th Mo Cavalry)
Miss. (Mississippi) (Vicksburg, Mississippi) P. S.

The rose is the favorite flower
of the south and as I like them the
best I will send you two kinds in this
letter but cant say how they will look
when you get them. My morning glories are
about a foot high and grew very fast:
I belong to Company A (Company A) now as we have
been consolidated. Write soon and long as soon
as you ge this and write all the news yours in
haste. E.H. P. (Perry, Ezra H.)

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