Letter written by G. M. Palmer to his "friends at home", Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, July 10, 1863

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Letter written by Gustavus M. Palmer from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on July 10, 1863, to his "friends at home"

PAGE IMAGEGettysburgPa. (Pennsylvania) (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) -
Friday July 10th 1863 Dear Friends at home

I have time to write
but a line. Rush (Cady, Rush Palmer (Lieutenant)) is doing well
on the gain I think. He has
some fun but not as much
I can see nothing in the way
of his getting along. But he
is my hero and it will be
a good while before he will
get up around again.

We were my much surprised
last night to see Col. Wheelock (Wheelock, Charles (Colonel))
he made his escape from
the rebels on Thursday night-
Staid (Stayed) on the mountains until
yesterday morning when he came
in. he was out in all the rain
feels a good deal unwell-

It is pretty good for him

PAGE IMAGE We are having pleasant weather
and very warm. A good many
strangers have arrived in town
during the past two days
Thousands visit the battle field
every day.

We do not get any thing reliable
from our army. Hear that 12.000
prisoners were taken day before
yesterday I think probably when
the news comes officially it will
be near the [abum] with one appt
left off

I am looking anxiously for
letters from home-
How is Mother (Palmer (Mrs.)) . Altho' (Although) I
have not mentioned here in my
letters before still I have not
forgotten her. Kiss little Bell (Bell ("little"))
Remember me to all my
friends that may take the trouble
to inquire

Love G. M Palmer (Palmer, Gustavus M. (Captain))
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