Letter written by [unknown] from Camp Colombia to [unclear] on June 16, [no year]

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Letter written by a Civil War soldier from Camp Columbia on June 16, [186x]: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGECamp Columbia (Camp Columbia) Jun 16

It affords me
much pleasure once mor (more)
to seet (seat) my self to address
a few lines to you in
answer to yours of June the tenth. As I was not in
camp at the time
of the arrival of yours
I was deprived of the
priviledge (privilege) of answering
immediately. There was
and [code?] came to
the Colonel on the tenth
for him to have three
days rations cooked
and be ready to march
in a moments warning
at half past seven in the

PAGE IMAGE in the evening we got the
order to march in less than
an half hour we wer (were) in
line ready to march.
We started out we knew
not where. All we knew a
a bout it was that we wer (were)
going out on a scout
We marched from eight till
three till we got to our
journies (journey's) end. We [l--?] there
wating (waiting) for the gun boats
about an hour and
they did not come so
we had to march right
back for about six or seven
to get out of danger of the
enimy (enemy) about six the boats
came up. But the Colonels
orders was not stay a
minute longer than [??]
a time. We laid down on the

[Written in margins:] The following is written in the top margin of page 2.

Give me all the niws (news)

PAGE IMAGE and rested the next day and
at night eve we started once
mor (more) for Jamestown Island (Jamestown Island, Virginia)
We got there about twelve o clock
this time and laid there till
morning. Then took the Gun
Boat and saild up the
JamesĀ  river (James River) for about ten
miles to the mouth of the
chickahoma (Chickahominy River) when we landed
and took out through
the serounding (surrounding) country
for about ten miles
or mor (more) and captured
every thing we came
a cross that was
of enny (any)benifit (benefit) to
the Army in enny (any)
way we got some twenty
five or thirty head of horses
and [??] those on for
Buggies I do not no (know) the exact [??]
of cattle we got

[Written in margins:] The following is written at the top of page 3.

My Compliments to [M and M?]]

PAGE IMAGE This was the hardest trip
we have had since we
came out most every one
was done out. till
we searched the Boat
Our Company was on Picket
so they did not get to go a
long. Now But Lieut B. (B. (Lieutenant)) & Capt.
and 7 of us. We expect to go
a gan (again) in a few days
Perhaps to night. There is
nothing new as I here (hear) of
down here. The Ladies of
Williamsburg (Williamsburg, Virginia) appear to be quite
uneasy the morning we returned
Last weak (week) there was some [7?]
Regt. of Infantry & three Battery
of Artilery (artillery) (7th? Regiment, Infantry, 3rd Artillery Battery) Past our camp up
to the Six Mile [Codnance?]
for two hold them in check
while the rest is making moves

[written in the margin at the top of page 1:] Excuse this for I feel very [ill? or?]
fatigued after the trip and will
need some rest if we have ot go to night

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