Letter written by Jerome Walker from City Point, Virginia to Mrs. Brown on January 19, 1865 -- Correspondence

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Letter written by Jerome Walker from the 9th Artillery Corps Hospital, City Point, Virginia, on January 19, 1865, to Mrs. Brown, to inform her of the death of her husband: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGE Jerome Walker (Walker, Jerome)
Jany. 19 / 65
United States Sanitary Commission (United States Sanitary Commission).
9th A C (9th Artillery Corps) Hospital9th Artillery Corps Hospital, City Point, Virginia
City PointVa (Virginia) (City Point, Virginia)   Jan 19th / 65 Mrs Brown (Brown (Mrs.)) ,

It is my painful duty to announce to
you the death of your husband (Brown (Mr.)) ,
which occurred at 5 O.clock
this afternoon.

Four days ago your husband
came here, from Division
Hospital, at front, very sick.
He then, himself, seemed
to think that he would not
live long, yet he has been
very patient. had no thoughts
for himself but for his
wife (Brown (Mrs.)) and family.

He seemed to know that he
was failing. From 11 O'clock
last night, he had fallen
away rapdily. During the
night he talked a great deal,

PAGE IMAGE of you and his children,
calling them. He spoke of you
all tenderly, but was not
willing that I should write
to you, until to-day.

He seemed to have religion,
and to feel its influences. He
died, a good soldier of the
Cross, as well as of his

The enclosed lock of hair
was cut from his head. I
send it you knowing that
you would value it above
all things.

Your husband will be
buried to-morrow.

His effects, I will send
you, as soon as possible
madam this is a great
bereavement. May God in his
wise providence help you
to bear it.

Yours - in affliction Jerome Walker (Walker, Jerome) U.S. San Com (United States Sanitary Commission)
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