Letter written by Daniel Preston Adams from Chesnut Hill to his father and mother on November 29, 1864

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Letter written by Daniel Preston Adams from Chesnut Hill, Pennsylvania, on November 29, 1864, to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Adams: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEU.S. Christian Commission (United States Christian Commission).

Chestnut Hill (Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania) Nov 29th / 64 To Father (Adams (Mr.)) and Mother Adams (Adams (Mrs.))

I pick up my pen this afternoon
to write a few lines to you and
before I go any farther I would ask you
to pause and hold your breath while
I make an humble confesion (confession) of my
faults (of which I have many) and
ask you to forgive me for all I have
said or done to wound your feelings
My faults are many therefor (therefore) I will
not enumerate them it is sufficient
for me to know that you can
forgive me and in dooing (doing) so I
ask not one word of appology (apology) on
on your part as I am willing to
shoulder the whole burdon (burden) myself
and will make a clean Breast
of it I have been thinking how strange
it is that friends doo (do) not

PAGE IMAGE live together more in peace especially
where there is family ties which
should bind us together as strong
as bands of Iron but it is not to be wondered
at when we come to consider the
depravity of the human Heart the
inclination we have of going astray
and neglecting our duties to ourselves
to one an-other and to our God
This has been the case with me in days
that are past and gone and I have
to mourn over my follyes (follies) but in
the future I will try and be on better
terms with you and all others that
I have been at variance with Grant
me my request as I trust that God
will forgive me my sins so I ask it
of you but enough of this now
As it regards my health it is about
the same as when I were at home
My feet and legs swells and is
lame which is a trouble for me to
PAGE IMAGE walk with much speed we have
got a new Doctor in our Ward and
when he first come in our old one was
with him explaining the different
caces (cases) to him my old doctor thought
my complaint was the Dropsy but
this much I know that when I have
the Diareah (diarrhea) they doo (do) not swell and
when I am clear of that I am troubled
with them I dont think I shall
stay here many days more unless I am
worse in fact I am tired of it but
when I think it over here I am unable
for a march and endure the fatigue
belonging to a Soldier what I shall doo (do)
is more than I can tell I will try to
make the best of it I will not write
any more to day as I am looking for
a letter from Susan (Susan) to morrow so this
will be an answer to hers good evening
Nov 30th I did not get a letter from
Susan (Susan) this morning as I expected so
PAGE IMAGE I will wait for to morrows Mail
and see what comes for me in that
before closeing (closing) this It is a fine pleasent (pleasant)
morning as warm as could be
wished for at this time of the year the
last day of Fall and no Snow yet I
suppose you have had considerable by
this time enough for Sleighing Oh I
must tell you about the Thanksgiving
Dinner we had here tell Father (Adams (Mr.))
I was agreeably disappointed with it
there was more of it than I expected
he asked me what I thought of it I
told him I thought it would be for the
Sound more than the reality but I am
as liable to err as any one There was
Turkey stufed (stuffed)  Oister (oyster) soup Crambery (cranberry)
saus (sauce) and Ice Creem (cream) as much as any
one could eat all were satisfied if
the Regt.s in the field fares as well
no one can complain but they will
not as the conveniencesand the trimmings
for the Dinner is not to be obtained
In all probability there will be
Turkey enough but the cooking is what
puts the flavour to it
PAGE IMAGEU.S. Christian Commission.

I have been out on a pass this afternoon
and have traviled (traveled) around some and
enjoyed the cool and balmy breeze of the
last day of fall The wether (weather)  couldent (couldn't) be
any finer in Oct dry and warn (warm) there
is the usual amount of bussiness (business) being
done outside all intent on making money
but there dont appear to be as much done
as any one would suppose so near a city
like Philadelphia (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) It is only eight miles
from the City and is connected to it
by Railroad there is two Towns between
here and the City all in the Corporation
for all I know I suppose this place
takes its name from the number of
Chestnut Groves that are around it
of which there is any quantity. It is
a beautifull (beautiful) region the surface of the
Land is rolling and prsents (presents) to the eye
a pleasing contrast to the more mountaneous
PAGE IMAGE parts of the State Now
as to the Citys I have been in Philadelphy (Philadelphia) (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
is the handsomest the Streets are wide
and the Buildings of a uniform height
and stile (style)  Newyork (New York) (New York) is noted for its riches
but is more compact and therefor (therefore)
less healthy To me the peoply of Ny (New York) (New York)
seemed to be in a hurry all intent on
something of his own The day after I
got there while waiting for my Transportation
I went up on Broadway as
far as Barnums Museum and looked
at that awhile it is a big institution
and if the inside will compare with
the out it must pay to walk in
and take a look of a whole day There
is the Astor House and other places
to (too) numerous to mention if I new (knew)
there (their) names I should like to go through
the city for a whole week and
see what I could in the time I must
tell you about the Meat Markets
PAGE IMAGE of which I saw but little either
We passed through a portion of
one as we were going from the Battery
to take the Boat for south Amboy
I thought I had seen Markets before but
this one takes the lead Beef Pork and
Mutton hung up in solid mass each
kind together any one in passing along
by one of these meet (meat) stalls would
natually (naturally) think they lived on meat
wholly but this is only a drop in
the Ocean in comparrison (comparison) to the whole
City Dec 1th / 64 I did not get a
letter from Susan (Susan) this morning
and I am greatly disappointed to
what the reason is I cant tell
as there has been plenty of time to get
and answer from the one I wrote to her
for I wrote it the 23d the same day
I arived (arrived) here this makes the eighth
day I am afraid they are sick for there
was so much to be done the season
PAGE IMAGE so late but I shant wait any
longer for hers but will close this and
send it along I think it very likely
when you hear from me again I shall
be to the Regt or some other place I hope
and pray these lines will find you
well as common as they leave me as
usual dont forget me in your
prayers that I may be found faithfull (faithful)
to my Country to myself and
to my God Good by for this time

To Father (Adams (Mr.)) and Mother Adams (Adams (Mrs.)) From Daniel Preston (Adams, Daniel Preston)

Write when it is convenient
yours forever

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