Letter written by Seth Alden from Portsmouth Grove, Rhode Island to his sister on April 20, 1863

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Letter written by Seth Alden from Portsmouth Grove, Rhode Island, on April 20, 1863, to his sister: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEPortsmouth GroveRI (Rhode Island) (Portsmouth Grove, Rhode Island)
Apr 20 1863Dear Sister

I received your letter yesterday.
and will try and write you a
few lines in return. it is now most
mail time but I dont think that I
shall get a letter I have got a letter
most every day this long time; I
had a letter from Fayett (Fayette) (Fayette) the other day
from Sylvester Jones (Jones, Sylvester) . I got a letter
from him when I was at Charpsburg (Sharpsburg) (Sharpsburg)
but had not answered it he saw
by the papers that I was hear (here) but he
did not know what ald (ailed) me: I wrote
a letter to Rutell (Rutell) yesterday I dont know
whather (whether) I shall get an anser (answer) or not I
wrote him two letters before I enlested (enlisted)
and got no ancwer (answer). and I thought
that I would try him again a
it is a very plesant (pleasant) day to day so warm

[Written in margins:] The following is written in the top margin of page 1.

Albert Cox (Cox, Albert) sends
his love to [lozanid?]
I am gld (glad) to hear that
I am [??] and
[Chery?] [hooe] [bee] [pramato]
but I cant [thisrf] that
they have got
up to [ly? by?]
for they
would be [gumpin? "jumping"?]
over the other
seasons give
my love to all
write soo (soon)
as you
can from

Seth (Alden, Seth H.) ]

PAGE IMAGE that we have to have the doors
open and it was just sutch (such) a day
yesterday. I went up and they all
went up and took a warm bath this
foornoon (forenoon) and it was nce (nice) I can tell
you Father would liked to have as
good a Chance. you can have cold winter
or warm just as you want; my helth (health)
is good, I am sory (sorry) that you have got
sutch (such) things into your head about my
discharge your talk is all a hunting
what dou (do) you thing they send the papers
to the Reg. for dount (don't) you think
that they have got pour (poor)  enough (anough) in
washington (Washington, District of Columbia) to discharge a man but
I suppose that you did not know eny (any)
better I sould (should) not if I had not been
in the armey (army). the way I think that
they got up that story to the Reg some
of the boys that has gon (gone) back to the Regmin (regiment)
say that they thought
that I should be dicharged (discharged) and they
started the story from that. Ellen (Ellen) wrote

PAGE IMAGE me that She heard that it was in the
daly (daily) paper perhaps thare (there) is a nother
Seth Alden (Alden, Seth) in the Armey (army) but hant (haven't)
eny (any) in our Reg that fellow that was
in the Hospital with me that belongs
to our Reg is about getting his discharge
he has been home on a pass and
rite (right) after he came baack (back) the doctor
in Charge had a letter from the
Adjutant Gen of our State to have
him discharged. I have wrote you
once about what I thought about comng (coming)
home and what I thought about it
and also about sending a [hat?] to (too)
and I have nothing more to say
and about getting some one to help
me about getting my discharge. We had
better wate (wait) and see how these fellows
come out that hamond (Hamond) fellows
mother is hear (here) trying to ge (get) him
discharged I shall send you twenty
dollers (dollars) in this letter: and that will
be all I shall send home at presant (present)

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