Letter written by [unknown] from Peruville to his friend on August 6, 1861

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Letter written by [unknown] from Peruville, New York, to his friend on August 6, 1861: a machine readable transcription


Andrus, McChain & Co's Flag Note, Ithaca, N.Y. (New York) (Ithaca, New York)

Our Flag Forever!

Peru Ville (Peruville, New York) Aug. 6th 1861-
Much respected friend

Have you forgotten Peru Ville (Peruville, New York) and
its inmates? or did my last offend you? if so, believe
me, it was a blunder of the head and not of the heart.
Once more I shall inflict on your patience one of
my long scrolls and if this fails to bring a response
I will desist. Yonder hill-top blushes with the parting
kiss of the setting sun, and I am reviewing the past
and present-times' changes present a great contrast.
War, so heinous to all the finer sensibilities, may do to
read about in history (for time effaces the acuteness of all
things) but to endure would be impossible did I not
anticipate that the sacrifice would be attended
with an overwhelming good result. In the last battle
how true the opposite of Vergil (Virgil) (Virgil) 's "Apparent rari nantes

PAGE IMAGE in gurgite vasto"! Yes, I imagine by the war reports arriving
ever and anon, that "the soldiers appear frequently swimming
in a vast debth (depth) of blood. I, too, see your thousands of men
marching like heroes; - I hear your music beat, & ring & clash
in the air while you march to victory, defeat or death.
But faith and hope whisper their sweet messages that
you are marching for Justice and God is your Captain.
Deus quem colimus, cui omnia detemus eripuit vos
morti. I hear you write home, you were uninjured, but
we know not how long you will be preerved should a
similar contest again occur fear not and fail not
to perform your duty for there is a land and a home too, where
the children of God meet never more to say "Good bye" or to part-
yea, through the atoning blood of Christ, even sinners as we
are, may be led into the green pastures where God and the
Savior dwell. Let such assurances fill you with peace &
lead your soul Godward in the hours of intense excitement
when the thread connecting life and death is so
unusually brittle. Doctor, perhaps you would like to tell
me, it is easy to preach when I am where there is no harm;
PAGE IMAGE notwithstanding, while I can not realize your situation
and fatigues to protect our country, I can form a rough
estimate and I do sympathize with you & every noble
volunteer enlisted in his countrys' defense, I have written, only
what I believe to be true, and that to encourage you, to
buoy up your drooping spirits. May my sisterly attempt be
be accepted by you, as such.

Groton (Groton, New York) Acad (Groton Academy) has undergone a thorough repairing
and the interior is said to be much changed
but I do not know how. The gard (guard) house has been beautifully
ornamented with young shade trees which enliven the
prospect of that old & loved site "Elm Hill Acad." We
too, are repairing our barn & the house is slightly
changed but its inhabitants have not materially
altered. On your return I think you will be able
to decipher our residence if you wish but if you
decline paying your honest depts, in the line of
writing, I shall conclude we are of but little consequence.
some message from you but we have concluded to

PAGE IMAGE wait patiently and with contentment, hereafter.
The temperature here for a fortnight has been oppressive
I pity you loyal hearted men in that southern
climate. About the middle of July your sister Ann (Ann)
was violently attacked with diptheria but [Dr. Moe?]
has effected her recovery. Our literary exercises
occurred last sat. eve. they were quite interesting, but
lacked that anticipated letter from you; a portion of
the time was devoted to political speeches in which I
obeserved somewhat of hatred toward two renowned
men, Jeff. Davis (Davis, Jefferson) & Beaureguard (Beauregard, G. T. (General)) ; strange wasn't it? 'Tis
true that principles & action go beyond the sphere of
this mortal frame! Instigators of this rebellion! I hope
they will receive their just deserts & freedom be
universal throughout our land. how can it be otherwise,
when there is a righteous God overruling all things
& He the Father of every man whether white or black? Have
you seen Leander (Leander) (Uncles' son)? He was in the contest at
"Bull Run (Bull Run, Virginia) " but uninjured. Did not Uncles' age prevent
he would be at Washington (Washington, District of Columbia) , presenting his body a
living sacrifice, so deeply is he enlisted in the nations'
welfare. Our Geology class like the chrysalis has expanded
turned into a Botany class this season with a few additional
students. Mr Gray (Gray (Mr.)) is our author; we no. eight, our teacher
Jennie Ashton (Ashton, Jennie) joined us this recitation with household
affairs assisting in preparing the box of clothing & comforts we sent
to the Hospital and reading all I can obtain from the war
department engrosses nearly all my time except that devoted
to sleeping & eating; but I am soon going up to Mattie W (W., Mattie) s' school
to see if she improves since her first attempt, I shall then
call on Nancy H. (H., Nancy) It is late & I will only add. God bless you, Goodnight.

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