Letter written by Leroy J. Russell from Camp Russell, near Newtown, Virginia to his mother on December 4, 1864

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Letter written by Leroy J. Russell from Camp Russell, near Newtown, Virginia to his mother on December 4, 1864: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEDecember 4th 1864
Camp Russell Near NewtownVa (Virginia) (Camp Russell, near Newtown, Virginia) Dear Mother (Russell (Mrs.))

it is with great pleasure that I
sit down this afternoon to answer your kind
letters that I received from you Dated Nov 23
and one Nov 27 and how very glad to hear from you
my health is as good as ever and [??] I
would like to be at on Christmas and Newyears
furstrate (firstrate) and have a good Sleigh ride for it is
so long since i have seen any snow but I cant
say that I am sick of soldiering yet but
still they dont get me again Mr Brower (Brower (Mr.)) got
a letter from home that I was so sick of
soldiering and all this and that and it makes
me mad. I wished that you had not sent
my stuff in his box for he is the biggest
Cheat there is he has a quarrel here with
the boys every day he keeps on shoe making
as usual and makes money like smoke he
Charges an awful high price for his work
I have not got the box yet but I expect
it in a day or two when the quartermaster

PAGE IMAGE gets back tell Pa (Russell (Mr.)) that I would like
to come and help him butcher furstrate (firstrate)
ma (Russell (Mrs.)) write and tell me whether Pa (Russell (Mr.)) is comeing (coming)
back and if he haint (hasn't) write and tell me
some of the boys was telling that he had got
his discharge write and tell me if that
is so Well ma (Russell (Mrs.)) when I get my knapsack and
stuff I will keep it untill next spring
and then I am a going to send hom
all of my stuff wollen (woolen) blanket and rubber
and a new over coat for Delly (Delly) to wear and
something for Warny (Warny) I dont know what
yet how does the watch run and well ma (Russell (Mrs.))
you wrote to me not to play card nor
drink whisky not to take the first step
towards them [tan? "town"?] things I will give you
my word and honor not to take the first
step Ma (Russell (Mrs.)) who told you that I drink whisky
and all this all the whisky I drank is
when I was sick and the Dr orderd (ordered) it
to cure me when i was so sick to camp
[banks?] and that is all I have drank folks
PAGE IMAGE getting around there so now days
that is haint (hasn't) nothing for them to set
down and write a Damn lie about other
folks bussiness (business)  haint (haven't) they ma (Russell (Mrs.)) I think so
at least for every time old Brower (Brower) gets a
letter he is always [blowing?] about after folks
that I send home so much sugar coffee
and all this and he cant send a bit [??]
ma (Russell (Mrs.)) you know that I haint (haven't) done no such
dont you no (know) more than to send the overcoat
and such stuff and that was my own and
it is paid for and I told him it was a lie
well ma (Russell (Mrs.)) when my knapsack comes i will
have my bible to read again i did not take
it with me for fear that I would loose (lose)
it and i wouldt (wouldn't)  loose (lose) it for nothing in
the world I have had to borrow one from
the boys untill mine comes tell pa (Russell (Mr.)) that
I and William [Materson] ([Materson], William) is a going to
send his things as quick as they come
well Pa (Russell (Mr.)) we draw soft bread now ten
days out of four and like pretty well now
PAGE IMAGE againthe boys have all been out of hard tack
so they all most starved and had to pay
15 cent a pound for them I tell you we have
[slln? "stolen"?] some. Pretty hard times since you left
us but the boys think that I stand it about
as well as the rest Dr Hutchings (Hutchings (Doctor)) called in
here the other morning and he said does
your pa get along and I told him that you
was on the gain the last I heard from you
and he told me he would bet that i would
stand it as long as any the rest of them
he said he never see a fellow stand it as
well as I do he expected I would have been
discharged long long ago I told him that
I guesed (guessed) that I could stand it
nine months longer and it would take
a smart man to get me again and he
went out a laughing and said no more well
ma (Russell (Mrs.)) I cant thing (think) of any thing else to write
about so I must close tell pa (Russell (Mr.)) he must
write to me and I will answer him so
good by for this time from your son
who has not got but little over 9 months more
to serve haint (aren't) you glad I am so good by
I will be a good boy that long i know dont you
think so ma (Russell (Mrs.))

truly yours Leroy J Russell (Russell, Leroy J.)
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