Letter written by Henry Welch, corporal in the 123rd New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company K, to his uncle and aunt from Nashville, Tennessee, January 22, 1865

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Letter written by Henry Welch, corporal in the 123rd New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company K, from Nashville, Tennessee, January 22, 1865, to his uncle and aunt, Franklin and Polly Tanner: a machine readable transcription


NASHVILLE (Nashville, Tennessee)
JAN 24

Mr. Franklin Tanner (Tanner, Franklin)
South Granville
Washington Co
N.Y. (New York) (South Granville, New York) (Washington County, New York)

PAGE IMAGENashville  Tennessee (Nashville, Tennessee)
Jan. 22nd 1865 Dear Uncle (Tanner, Franklin) & Aunt (Tanner, Franklin (Mrs., Polly C.)) (Tanner, Polly C. (Mrs. Franklin Tanner))

This is three day's
since I received your letter but as I had
written to you two or three day's before
I thought I would wait a short time
before I answered it, and another thing
I have not felt much like writing,
to be honest about it I must say that
I have been sick for the past week I
have kept around all the time but
have not felt well, to use a familiar
phrase I have felt more "dead than alive"
but I am feeling firstrate now and
getting better so fast that by the time
you are reading this I shall have forgotten
that I have been sick at all. I took a
rather hard ride one afternoon in
the rain and it was a little to (too) much
for me I guess as I have felt a little
rough since, and I guess it was a little
to (too) much for my horse to (too) for he has
looked decidedly bad ever since, but
Uncle Samuel furnishes the horses so
that is all right and when one fails we -

only have to get another, my business
out that afternoon was to find a man
whose wife had come from the north
to see him, I found him at last
and brought him into town and such a time
as they had shaking hands and all that
was a caution to nervous folks, after they
had shook hands with each other about
twenty time's, then they both had to
shake hand's with me, and they both went
at it at once they shook and kept shaking
till I thought they would shake the
arm's off from my shoulder's, all the
time hoping that they could do as much
for me sometime, and I all the time
hoping that I never should have another
job like that on my hands, the shaking
hands part in particular to say nothing
about the ride in the rain, you
may laugh when you read this but
it was anything but laughable for me
I can assure you. I do believe that woman
hurt my left hand worse than it
did when I had the amputation
performed on it, but I was under
the influence of chloroform then you know
and could not sense anything, I am
just a thinking that I should want to
PAGE IMAGE be under the effects of chloraform again
if I was to have another such a shaking,
but this is nonsense enough for one letter.
there is no news for me to write for I
suppose you get all the news first, we
are having a great many rumor's about
peace these day's and if I hear much more
about it I shall soon be having this
"campaign" close the war again, but without
joking I do think this war is about over
and this confederacy about gone through,
our armies have had grand success
althrough (all through) the last year, with such victories
and such success another year what would
the rebels have left, scarcely nothing, not
many men, and the only General would be
"General starvation" and I think he is about
taking command of a good part of the
south now, I saw Lieut. Brown (Brown (Lieutenant)) today and
had a good talk with him, he is a
military conductor on the railroad and
run's from here to Chattanooga (Chattanooga, Tennessee) , the
weather has been splendid for the
past week warm and nice but its got
to raining again today, I have a good place
to sleep this winter a nice cot bedstead
with plenty of cloth's (clothes), and a coal fire
burning in my room all night
PAGE IMAGE the clerk's and orderlies all eat
together we have good enough living
for soldier's, of course we don't get butter
pie and such like but we get potatoes
plenty of them corn and wheat bread pickles
cabbage onion's fresh beef twice a day plenty
sugar coffee and now and then soup
and pudding and bean's, by the way I am
more fond of bean's than I was at that
picnic over in Hartford (Hartford) , by what I hear
by my letter's the young folks are having
just as much fun as ever up there,
that is nice for them, when next winter
come's around what is left of the old 123
regt. (123rd Regiment) will be at home and then the
soldier's sport will come, but it will
be but a few that will go back to
what come out from salem (Salem) , but I
must close, my regards to you, good

From your Nephew Henry Welch (Welch, Henry) P.S.

direct to
NashvilleTenn (Tennessee) (Nashville, Tennessee)
Lock Box - 50.

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