Letter written by Rush P. Cady, lieutenant in the 97th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company K, to his mother of Rome, New York, from Headquarters 97th Camp near Sharpsburg, Maryland, October 3, 1862

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Letter written by Rush P. Cady, lieutenant in the 97th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company K, from Headquarters 97th camp near Sharpsburg, Maryland, October 3, 1862, to his mother, Mrs. Daniel Cady (Fidelia W. Palmer) of Rome, New York

PAGE IMAGEHeadquarters 97th Reg. N.Y.V. (97th Regiment, New York)
Camp near Sharpsburg (Sharpsburg, Maryland) , Oct. 3d '62. Dear Mother,

Nothing of importance has trans-
pired with us, since my last letter home. We
still remain in the same camp, to which
the Brigade moved, the day I arrived here.
But we are every day expecting another sup-
ply of the “A” tents, which we formerly had,
& also new clothes, after which, we are to
move to a new camp ground, upon the sum-
mit of an adjacent hill, which commands
an extended view of the surrounding coun-
try. The soldiers are all lousy, without excep-
tion, & most of the officers,- they cant help
it, some are obliged to wear underclothing
so long, & many are even destitute of shirts.
But we expect a supply of clothing daily,
& the intention is, to leave all the old clothes
behind us in our old camp, when we move.
In this way alone, can the men be entirely rid

PAGE IMAGE of the vermin, with which they are infested.
It is an every day affair, for men & officers
too, many of them, to take off their clothes,
shirt & pants, & hunt lice, Such is soldiering!
& such camp life! I have thus far been so
fortunate as to keep clear of them, but there
is constant danger of catching them from
others.- But enough on this interesting subject.-

It is some time since I heard from
home.- but I am expecting letters every day.
I wish you would send me the Utica (Utica, New York) HeraldUtica Heralds
every day, or at least when it contains Co.
or Rome (Rome, New York) news of interest. I am always glad
to get hold of a copy. Father can get some
self-sealing-stamped paper envelopes, so that
it would be little trouble to send them.

My health has been quite good since
my return to camp, quite as good, I think, as
at any time since I enlisted, so that I feel
much encouraged.

The major was unwell a few days ago, but is
now all right again.- Will Wright (Wright, Will) was tak-
en to the Hospital at Kedeysville (Keedysville, Maryland) , a few days

PAGE IMAGE ago, quite sick. He looked very misera-
ble when he went. I think he will probably
have a run of fever, though perhaps not,
if he is properly cared for.

Yesterday, our Brigade & Gen. Gower (Gower, Ebenezer I. (General)) s' (General Gower's Brigade)
were out, & got all ready to be reviewed by
the Pres. (Lincoln, Abraham) waiting some time, for him, but he
did not come.- Gen. Duryei (Duryée, Abram (General)) made a
speech to his Brigade, which seemed a mere
handful of men, to what it once was, saying
“that he had made application for “ leave of
absence”, for 30 days, & he expected to leave
very soon, but before going, he had desired
such an opportunity to express to them the grat-
itude & pride he felt, an acc't of the noble
gallantry & bravery they had shown in
the last two battles, in which they were en-
gaged. They had done some of the most
desperate fighting ever recorded in Histo-
ry; & they might return to their homes feel-
ing the proud consciousness, of having
manfully done their duty to their country,
& of having reflected the highest honor upon

PAGE IMAGE I have heard nothing from the Hospital in re-
gard to Ev. Briggs (Briggs, Ev.) , yet, though I wrote to the
Surgeon several days ago.- I wish you
would enquire whether his friends have
heard anything from him.- I would like
to know more of the 5th Oneida Reg. (5th Regiment, Oneida) - its no.,
the names of such officers as I know,- how
full it is, & when it is to start.

Wallie Root (Root, Wallie) , teaching at the acad-
emy, with his bro., is a classmate of mine.
Col. WheelockWheelock (Colonel) is expected soon.

Rush (Cady, Rush Palmer) .
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