Letter written by Henry Spohn from Suffolk, Virginia to his wife, son, and daughter on March 21, 1863

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Letter written by Henry Spohn from Suffolk, Virginia, on March 21, 1863, to his wife, Mrs. E. Spohn, and his son and daughter, sent to Jacob C. Spohn of Spangsville, Pennsylavnia: a machine readable transcription


NORFOLKVA (Virginia) (Norfolk, Virginia)
APR 9?

Jacob G. SpohnSpohn, Jacob G.
Spangsville P. Office (Spangsville Post Office)
Berks County
Pa (Pennsylvania) (Spangsville, Pennsylvania) (Berks County, Pennsylvania)


PAGE IMAGE [no caption] Suffolk, Va. (Virginia) (Suffolk, Virginia)   1869March 21th
Dear Wife (Spohn, Henry (Mrs., E.)) (Spohn, E. (Mrs. Henry Spohn)) Son &

It is with pleasure
that I will
now answer
your kind letter
that I recieved (received) and
just finished reading
it that you wrote on
the 17th inst and it
pleased me very much
to here (hear) that you are
all well and I allso (also)
found enclosed a stamp
of fifty cents wich (which) you
Say mother (Spohn (Mrs.)) had sent me
and I thank her very
much for her kindness
and I hope you may all

PAGE IMAGE enjoy lifes happyness (happiness)
wich (which) is my gratest (greatest) desire
I also recieved (received) that box
the ninth day from
the day you sent it
and I found all things
nice in the box as you
had said you put in
I was a little suspicious
about the box the reson (reason)
I have already informed you of in my
last but a fore (four) horse load
of boxes have come to
this regiment on the
day we have here awful
bad wether (weather) rain & snow
and hail the snow is
all one slush I have
bene (been) out on picket
last night and it was
the worst night I have
bene (been) out yet this was the
PAGE IMAGE second night this week
this wether (weather) is bad to go
on picket as one is got to
endure much so it it (is)
useless to say as man
at home would not belief (believe)
that it was haff (half) as bad as
it is
here are tens of thousand
of men that have arrived
inside of a week and
a more will be made
but when I dont know
also the 11th Pa Cavelry (Cavalry) (11th Pennsylvania Cavalry) had
a fight at Black water (Blackwater) (Blackwater, Virginia)
on Thursday this week
and had one man killed
and eight wounded and
one offiser (officer) taken prisner (prisoner)
they also took from the
rebs eight or ten
prisners (prisoners) that thay (they)braing (brought)
PAGE IMAGE and further that I recieve (receive)
a letter from A. G. Brady (Brady, A.G.)
and it pleased me
very much to here (hear) from
him I will now close
by saying that I am
well at present time
and hope it may be
the will of god to
Spare us all
so no more at
this time

yours truly
Henry Spohn (Spohn, Henry) to
E. Spohn (Spohn, Henry (Mrs., E.)) (Spohn, E. (Mrs. Henry Spohn)) & Son
& Daughter

rite (write) soon and give my
best respects to all inquiring
friends if any there be

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