Letter written by Lieut. 1st Sgt. Price from camp near Potomac Creek, Virginia to Mr. Stanley on January 27, 1863

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Letter written by Lieut. 1st Sgt. L. Price from camp near Potomac Creek, Virginia on January 27, 1863, to Mr. Stanley, about the desertion of his son Thomas Stanley: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGECamp near Potomac  CreekVa (Virginia) (Potomac Creek, Virginia)
January the 27th 1863 Mr. Stanley (Stanley (Mr.))

you may perhaps think
this strange but under the pressent (present) circumstances, you
will excuse me for adressing (addressing) you thus, Thomas Stanley (Stanley, Thomas)
is indeed living, but I am sory (sorry) to say that he is out of his
right mind, last spring he deserted in the month of
April before we got to yorktown (Yorktown, Virginia) , he was catched trying
to go over to the enemy, he was then tried by a Court Martial
and would have been shot or got some other heavy
punishment, but I hapend (happened) to be present and swore that
he was crazy, and that cleard (cleared) him, he was then sentenced
to be discharged, but before it could be made out for him
the "Seven days fighting before Richmont (Richmond) (Richmond, Virginia) came off and
Stanley (Stanley, Thomas) deserted the second time, again he was takin (taken) and
sent back to this Camp, to his Company & Regt. on 22nd of this month  Stanley (Stanley, Thomas)   cleard (cleared) out again & has not been heard
from to date, in case he turnse (turns) up once more he will be discharged
from the service, one day after he left your letter arrived
here, and be being 1st Sergeant of the Company I took
the liberty of opening the letter and reat (read) it, to see if I could
learn his true character, but now I am satisfied that if he
is [... gap ...] g off that at least you have nothing [... gap ...] with it: -

no more at present but remain yours
very respectfuly (respectfully) --- L. Price  1st Sergt (Price, L. (1st Sergeant)) Co. "G" 1st Battalion
11th Infantry (Company G, 1st Batallion,11th Infantry)

P.S. Adress (Address) for me to Washington (Washington, District of Columbia)
or to this Camp L. P. (Price, L. (1st Sergeant))

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