Letter written by George W. Pearl, private in the 117th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company C and F, to his father and mother of Clinton, New York, from Headquarters on Julian Creek, June 4, 1863

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Letter written by George W. Pearl, private in the 117th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, from Headquarters on Julian Creek, Virginia, on June 4, 1863, Company C and F, to his father and mother, George A. and Marcia C. Pearl, of Clinton, New York: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEHeadquarters on Julian Creek (Julian Creek, Virginia) .
June 4th/63
Dear Father (Pearl, George A.) & Mother (Pearl, George A. (Mrs., Marcia C.)) (Pearl, Marcia C. (Mrs. George A. Pearl))

I recd your ever kind letter
of the 29th yesterday, while on
guard at the Col's quarters.
It is warm and pleasant here
this morning. It rained here
night before last & yesterday
the first rain we have had in
a month. Col Pease (Pease, William R. (Colonel)) is acting
Brig Gen over the 103d 89th N.Y (103rd Regiment, New York) (89th Regiment, New York).
and has been over the 25th N. Jersey (25th Regiment, New Jersey)/But the 25th (25th Regiment)
were nine months men and
started for home this morning.
Pity the 117th (117th Regiment, New York) wasnt going too--
only two years and two months
longer to stay. We are still at
work on the fortifications we
have to work 8 1/2 hours a day now
How does that niggar (nigger) Regt
prosper they were getting up

in Utica (Utica, New York) & has Hank Howard (Howard, Hank)
enlisted as he said he would?
I dont know as I have told that
I had recd that package of writing
paper & envelopes you sent me
I got it before we left the camp
in the pine woods on Cahoun Point (Calhoun Point, Virginia) .
Mother you say you want
to know how I get along &c.
I get along very well. I have plenty
to eat as long as I have money
But if we depend on U. Sam
to feed us we dont always have
plenty. And what we do have
we have it so much as I said in
Addie (Pearl, Adaline C.) s letter we get sick of it
My mending and washing I
get along with very well.
my washing I get the nigger
women to do at five cts a piece
and my mending I get a
talior (tailor) in Co. I (Company I). to do, that is,
such as mending pants coat &c
My stockings I mend myself.
I like Soldering (soldiering) very well as
long as my health continues good
and am very well contented with
the exception of being away
from home & friends. If I was
sure of the privelege (privilege) of seeing
them even twice a year I
would be much better satisfied
I am glad to hear that Mary G (G., Mary) .
is recovering her health
Give her my best respects and
tell her I am well. I have not
kept an accurat (accurate) account of
the money I have had from
home. I think you have sent
me about $20.00 in money besides
butter potatoes &c, which I think
must amount to 5. or six dollars
so there is more due to you
than I have sent home
Mother may send in her
account in your next if
she pleases, as I should like
to know how we stand
No more at present
Give my love to all enquiring
friends and save a good share
for yourselves. I send a letter
with this to be put in
my desk with the rest
Write soon.

From your Son G. W. Pearl (Pearl, George W.)
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