Letter written by Martin Flouer from Camp Camron (Cameran?) to his friend George on April 20, 1862

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Letter written by Martin Flouer from Camp Cameron, Georgetown, District of Columbia, on April 20, 1862, to his friend George: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGECamp Camron (Camp Cameron, Georgetown, District of Columbia) Apr th. 20 1862 Dear Friend George (George)

I am well and hope
this may reach you & your family and find
you all enjoying that blessing I wrote to
you once before but did not receive any
Answer & also to Wm Wilson (Wilson, William) and not getting
An Answer from either one of you I dindt (didn't)
know as you either one of you got the letters
so I thought that I would write again
we have A good deal of very bad weather
since we came here and there has been
A good deal of sickness there has been
Some 4 or 5 deaths in our Reg but none
in the company that we are in we have lost
quite A number that had run Away George Hall (Hall, George)
Charley Hall (Hall, Charley)   [Luke?] [Hayse?] (Hayse?, Luke?)   Mac Johnson (Johnson, Mac)   John Louer (Louer, John)
George Philips (Philips, George) & some 3 or 4 others besides what
has been discharged so that our co only numbers
about 50 men that can be relied on and
it is very bad in all the rest of the
companies we received 2 months pay

PAGE IMAGElast Friday and that night there was 10
run away from out of B Co (Company B) and some out
of A most (almost)  evry (every) Co I sent home $20, dol
out of my $26 yesterday we received
Orders to pack knapsacks and be on our
march to Virginia (Virginia) by 5. Pm. it was quite
rainy and awful mudy (muddy) but we left
and went as far as Georgetown (Georgetown, District of Columbia) bridge
and got about half way across the Bridge
when the order was Countermanded and
we all had to march back to Camp making
A march in all of about 7 miles some of us
completely coverd (covered) with mud when we got
back our living here is not near as
good as A great many represent it to
be all of us have grown poor since
we came here There have to be 5 or 6 of
us in A prety (pretty) small tent in the tent
where I rest is C [J?] Shepperd (Sheppard, C.J.?)   Frank Walker (Walker, Frank)
Gus Philips (Philips, Gus) & Montgomery Fuller (Fuller, Montgomery)
I should have wrote more letters home
and to my friends if I had have had the
Postage stamps or money to pay the postage
PAGE IMAGE but all of us had got [run where/so here?]
and Col wrote home and had his
wife send him some stamps
I dont know when we shall move
from here I hope that by the first of july this war may be ended because
there is to (too) much speculation in it
and it is costing Government more
than whecan stant up with A great
while I was glad to hear that the
Democrats was whiped (wiped) out good at town
meeting I should think that Dave (Dave)
would Aply (apply) to jef Davis (Davis, Jef) for A situation
in the Southern Army (Southern Army) he has very
bad luck A running for Office in our
town but Give my best respects to him after
all I am Sorry that he cant see the right
Side I hope that you will get this
and Answer it because I like to hear from there
You can read this to your family I send
my best respects & good wishes to all of them
and if [Susan?] (Susan?) or Lorenzo (Lorenzo) wants to write
to me to ask any questions about camp life
PAGE IMAGE I will answer their letters with pleasure
Adress (address)  Washington D.C
101 Reg. Co C N.S.V (101st Regiment, New York) (101st Regiment, New York, Company C)
Care Capt [G--man?] (G--man? (Captain))


I do not think of much more we are
having A cold rain to day.
I hope to ever Remain your friend

Martin Flouer (Flouer, Martin)
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