Letter written by Seth Alden from Portsmouth Grove, Rhode Island to his sister on June 8, [1863]

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Letter written by Seth H. Alden from Portsmouth Grove, Rhode Island, on June 8, [1863], to his sister: a machine readable transcription


Portsmouth Grove
R.I (Rhode Island) (Portsmouth Grove, Rhode Island)   June 8
Dear Sister

I was very glad
to get your letter to night for
it is the first one that I have
received this week and I
have been looking for quite
a number I have not had one
from Mr Cox (Cox (Mr.)) for a long time
I should like to knw (know) what
the reasion (reason) is I think that the
letter must have got lost
perhaps he has gone to his
Reg before this time, but
I dont think that he neglect
visiting me if he had but
I shal (shall) write to his Reg if
I dont hear from him before
long and see if I can find

[Written in margins:] The following is written in the top margin of page 1.

you must not wory (worry)
about me for it will
not do eny (any) good I
am getting along
[mise?] by now I go with
out a cane I have
got onely (only) two years
more to stay if I dont
get out before but
hope it will
be my luck to
home before
that time
give my love
to all and
write often
may these few lines
find you all well

PAGE IMAGE out where he is it has over
a month since I heard from
him and I think that he
must have wrote if he got
my letter, the wether (weather) is
very plsent (pleasant)  hear (here) I have
just got back form resiting (reciting)
my lessons and it is most
six a (o') clock thare (there) is a class
reciting now but I did not
go down it is the Grammer (grammar)
Class I think that I shal (shall)
drop that it comes about
the time that the mail comes
in and I have got Algebra
and I began that first and
think that I will try and
ceep (keep) it along if nothing hapens (happens)
I think to (too)  meny (many) branches spoil
the hale [whole?]; I may think that I
am in a poor plase (place) and they
are very strict but I am

PAGE IMAGE Contented hear (here) and think
that I chould (should) not get so
good a chance in all places
to study as I do hear (here) and
I think that is quite a
Privilige (privilege) we solgers (soldiers) are not
apet (apt) to be Contented eny (any) where
and in fact thare (there) is meny (many) things
that hant (haven't)  agreable (agreeable)  hear (here) and
if it want (wasn't) for those things
that I have menshioned (mentioned)
I should not like so well as
I do now but with those
things included I am very well
contented whare (where) I am and
prefer being hear (here) then to
be in some plasises (places) that I
have been; I saw by the
paper to night that thare (there)
is a lot more on thare (there) way
hear (here) they proberly (probably) will get
hear (here) to morrow some time
PAGE IMAGE I am sory (sorry) to hear that [Lazanid?] (Lazanid?)
has been sick again but hope
she will be better before this
letter reaches you she is just
got so she can get out around
and she is now taken down
sick again I was in hopes
that when it got to be warm
wether (weather) she would get up
smart again but it seems as though
it did not last long Satdery Saturday morning
I did not finish your letter last night
and so I wil (will)  ad (add) a few lines to it
this morning the sun has just peeped
up his head from behind the hills they
have to get up Early this morning
for it is scrub day and they are all
at it; it is a splended (splendid) morning every
thing is very still and when I
look out up on the green feilds (fields) it
makes me want to get out on to
them, mary (Mary) had not got her letter
I [wrote?] it as you did not mention
it I have answered all my letters up to this
one. I received a cuppel (couple) of papers the
other day and felt quite pleased with
them; if you can read this letter you will
do well, yours write soon from

Seth (Alden, Seth H.)
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