Letter written by Seth Alden from Portsmouth Grove, Rhode Island to his sister on May 26, [1863]

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Letter written by Seth Alden from Portsmouth Grove, Rhode Island to his sister on May 26, [1863]: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEPortsmouth
GroveRI (Rhode Island) (Portsmouth Grove, Rhode Island)   May 26
Dear Sister

it is now most
night but I can not let the
day pass by with out writing
a few lines to you; I had began
to think that you was not going
to write to me again you hant (haven't)
very prompt to answer my letters
I had one from Sazonia (Sazonia) last
week she scent (sent) me her Picture it
is the best one that she ever had
taken I think she wrote me
a good long letter besides, the folks
was all well then as usual thare (there) is
not mutch (much) news to writ (write)  exsept (except)
war news and you will get that
before you will get this letter the
Fridricks burg (Fredericksburg) (Fredericksburg, Virginia) news is got to

PAGE IMAGE be old news now it was a grate (great)
slaughter; I am supprised (suprised) to
hear that you dont take a paper
I should not know what to do
without one if I was thare (there) at
home. Harrison Pratt (Pratt, Harrison) is hear (here)
now he came on to see his Bother (brother)
I think that he is trying to get
his discharge and hope he will
you asked me what I thought
about getting some one to try
and get my discharge. I
think that it would not be of
eny (any) use now they are very
strict now they are going to
form a Crippel (cripple)  Brigaid (brigade) I
think that our Government has
got prety (pretty)  lo (low) to have to scrape
up all of the crippels (cripples); and they are
going to enlist Crippels (cripples) besides
I was sorry to hear of Mr Dunn (Dunn (Mr.)) s
death but he has
PAGE IMAGE been sick a long time but
he has got through now; and
has left a grate (great)  meny (many) friends
to morn (mourn) his loss I should liked
to have been thare (there) to his Funeral
I never new (knew)  untill (until) the other day
that Charles Adkins (Adkins, Charles) Funeral
Sirmon (sermon) was in the Banner
they never wrote me about it I
should have liked to have seen it
I am glad to hear that you are
all weel (well) and hope that you will
go home often they all want to
see you ver mutch (much), the wether (weather)
is very plesant (pleasant)  hear (here) now; it was
a littel (little) Cloudy yesterday and
day before but it has Cleard (cleared)
off plesant (pleasant) and the treas (trees) have got
leaved and very nice, I suppose
that sam (Sam) has got his planting
most done I wish I was
thare (there) and able to help him
PAGE IMAGE I have been hear (here) over two months
and have enjoid (enjoyed) my self very
well I should not have got along
so well if I did not have a good
libery (library) to go to and a good chance
to study we have got into
[Camp a? Campa?] and Interest we shall
get through the book in a short
time & I have finished up one
writing book and have began
another; I am getting along first
rate my leg is getting quite strong
I can g (go) around the house without
a cain (cane) but cant go no grate (great)
distance with out it I will not
writ (write)  eny (any) more this time give my
love to all and write as often as
you can, yours

I remain your
Affectionate Brother Seth. H. Alden (Alden, Seth H.)
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