Letter written by Curtis Crook from Suffolk, Virginia to his sister on November 14, 186?

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Letter written by Curtis Crook from Suffolk, Virginia to his sister, R.F. Crook, on November 14, 186?: a machine readable transcription


NORFOLKVA (Virginia) (Norfolk, Virginia)
NOV 15? [day and year unclear]

Miss R F Crook (Crook, R.F.)
WayneErie Co
Pa (Pennsylvania) (Wayne, Pennsylvania) (Erie County, Pennsylvania)

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1776 1862
the Nation

SuffolkVa (Virginia) (Suffolk, Virginia)
November 14th / 86Dear Sister

How do you do this
pleasant morning I am weel (well) and hope
you are I receved (received) your letter last week
and was glad to hear from you I gave
Charles (Charles) that piece [th?] you sent to me
I am on picket this morning it was a
longe (long) night to me It is one mile
from camp my post is at a railrode (railroad) bridge

PAGE IMAGE I sit upon the bridge on a stick of
timber our pickets were drove in last
night buy (by) the rebles (rebels) and was drove in
night before last and one of our me (men)
was shot they did not come in on the
road where I was it is a danger
place to be on pick (picket) but I have got
to obey orders it is very sickly hear (here)
now we hav lost 18 of our boys have
been sick and dide (died) I cant tell when
it will be my turne (turn) I hope it will
not hear (here) I think we shll (shall) have a fight
hear (here) in a few days the rbles (rebels) are near
this place now two hundred of [Cavalrymen]
went out on a Scout they have
not returned yet I think they will
come in to day Charles (Charles) is at Camp
he was yesterday he is well and the most
of our Camp some of them have got the
Meseles (measles) they mak (make) us dig yet we have got
four forts one and Old  Peck (Peck ) has
laid out three more the one we
we are building now is 200 and [20?] feet
PAGE IMAGE square it is a large one I think
we are in Foster (Foster) s Brigade Peck (Peck) has the
command I went and staid (stayed) all
night in fort Nancemon (Nansemond) (Fort Nansemond, Virginia)   night before last one of the guns weighs 40 hundread (hundred)
we have got three guns mounted on that
fort it looks some savage I will stop
writing such noncence (nonsense) is this I got Nells (Nells)
likeness and the boys and Emma (Emma) I did
not see yours are you at home now
I shall Direct this at Wayne (Wayne, Pennsylvania) I wrote to
Gilbert (Gilbert) last night I am looking for a
box now I got the letter that Nell (Nell) wrote
out to Bill (Bill) I am tiered (tired) and sleepy and
cant write very weel (well) you can see for
yourself my ink is so pail (pale) and pen
so poor I will write when I get my
box again I cant think of any
more this time write soon as
you get this so good by

Curtis C (Crook, Curtis) R F Crook (Crook, R.F.)
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