Letter written by E. A. Taft from near "Jones House," Virginia to Mrs. Brown on January 26, 1865 -- Correspondence

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Letter written by E. A. Taft from near "Jones House," Virginia to Mrs. Brown on January 26, 1865: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEU.S. Sanitary Commission (United States Sanitary Commision)

Camp 179th N.Y. Vols. (179th Regiment, New York)
Near "Jones House" Va (Virginia) (Jones House, Viginia)
Jany 26 " 1865 Mrs. Brown (Brown (Mrs.))

I suppose ere
this you have heard of the death
of your husband. I was
not aware of it myself until
the other day I went to the hospital
to see him and to take
a letter and was surprised to
find him gone. The hospital
is fifteen miles from the camp
and I went down only once a
week. A few days before I saw
him & he thought he was better.
He died rather suddenly at
last. He expressed to me a
firm trust inhis Saviour.

I wrote Mr. G. N. Dwight (Dwight, G.N.) a

PAGE IMAGE few days ago concerning his
sickness at his request.

They said he was very trusting
until the last. One month
ago at the old camp he consecrated
himself anew to his
Master. He regretted that he
had not lived up to his christian
profession but determined
to do so in the future. He was
always at the meetings & ready
to take part afterwards and
I believe was ripe for the harvest
like a shock of corn.

Trust in your Saviour
my Sister. Your husbandis
not lost but gone before.
The day is not far distant
when we shall rest in God
with him if faithful to the
vows we have taken. Mourn

PAGE IMAGE not but look up and feel to
say "thy will not mine be done
O Lord."

His body awaits your disposition
at the City. Pt. where it
has been embalmed. you have
no doubt been written to concerning

Yours in hope & sympathy E. A. Taft
Chaplain (Taft, E.A. (Chaplain)) 179" N.Y.V. (179th Regiment, New York)

PAGE IMAGE E. A. Taft (Taft, E.A. (Chaplain))
Jany 26 / 65

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