Letter written by Edwin from Camp Seawell to his mother and father on January 25-26, 1865 -- Correspondence

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Letter written by Edwin from Camp Sewell, Virginia, to his mother and father on January 25-26, 1865: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGECamp Seawell (Sewell) (Camp Sewell, Virginia)
Wednesday Jan 25th 1865Dear Father (Seawell (Mr.)) & Mother (Seawell (Mrs.))

I take this
opportunity of writing you a few lines in ans.
to your letter which I received in due
time. Edwin (Edwin) and I are both well at
present and hope these lines will
find you and all the rest at home
enjoying the same blessing we are
still in camp where we was when I
wrote before you must not worry about
us if you do not hear from us very
often for if either of us are sick the
other will write and let you know
we dont get much time to write here
and when we do it is rather disagreable
for there is 16 in the tent and there
is always so much noise in the evening
and that is the only time we have to write

PAGE IMAGE We have had some quite cold weather
this winter for this part of the country
but I have not suffered any or felt it
much either we have been out on three
scouts since I wrote to you the
first two we was out three days each
time and the last one two days we
build up good fires in the woods
and sleep by them as warm as if we
were in our tent our boots fit first
rate and they are very comfortable when
we are riding we have an hour and halfs
drill in the forenoon now sometimes
mounted and sometimes dismounted
I told Swan (Swan) to let you to have
my county bond I think there is one
payment of one hundred dollars and
interest due the first of March if
there is I would like to have you
see about it if you can and if not
get Hosea (Hosea) to do it. Let Mary (Mary) have
what money she wants of it and if
PAGE IMAGE she does ont want it all you can
keep the rest or let Hosea (Hosea) have it if
he wants it we have not had any pay
yet and do not know when we shall get
it. Edwin (Edwin) is a going to write some
so I will close by wishing you good byu
for the present from your affectionate
Henry Dove (Dove, Henry)
Thursday afternoon Jan 26th -65
Dear Father (Seawell (Mr.)) & Mother (Seawell (Mrs.))
It is quite a while since
we wrote to you, for we have been very
busy and do not get a great deal of
time. We have been building stables
for our horses and fixing up our camp
Our stables are 240 ft long with a double
roof or a roof the same as any building
They are stockaded down through the middle
and one company has one side of the stockade
and another company the other
There is twelve companies in the regiment
PAGE IMAGE and they are in three battallions (battalions). four
companies in a battallion (battalion) and each
battallion (battalion) has two squadrons, and each
squadron is composed of two companies
We are in the 2d battallion (battalion) and in
the fourth squadron The regiment is in
command of Colonel Gainzvoort (Gainzvoort (Colonel)) . Lieut Colonel Coles (Coles (Colonel)) .
The first battallion (battalion) is in
command of Major Fraries (Fraries (Major)) the 2d  Major Green (Green (Major)) ,
the 3d  Major Birdsell (Birdsell (Major)) Our company
was commanded by Capt Castle (Castle (Captain)) but he
has resigned and we are now commanded
by 1st Lieut Revel (Revel (1st Lieutenant)) and we all like
him very well for he is a very
pleasant man I have not had any news
to write for you get the papers and we do
not get papers very often. We do not have
a great deal of picket duty to do this
winter but considerable camp guard
We have 110 men detailed every day for
guard and picket and then we have
details for fatigue. We have a very pleasant
camp and are fortifying it for a regular
post. but do not know how long we
shall stay here but should like it if
we could stay here till our time is out
I think I feel the best I ever did in
my life and weight the most. I weight
185 lbs and I think you would hardly know
me. I have not much more room to write
on this sheet and we will try and write often
Julia (Julia) was well the 12th of the month tell Rich (Rich)
he must write to us, and you must write and
let us know how you get along. Our love to you all

From your dear son Edwin (Seawell, Edwin)
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